What Genetic Testing Can Reveal?

What Genetic Testing Can Reveal?

Genes are transmitted or passed from parents to child; hence all members of the family have common genes in them. Any changes in the DNA of genes that causes genetic disorder are also inherited in child, so some diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular condition, Thyroid, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Cancer etc. runs in the family. With the advancement of science and technology, DNA testing has been developed to give you an overall idea about your Health, Nutrition and Fitness.

Genetic testing is gaining importance all over the world. Learning about such common genetic diseases helps you to make healthy choice and stay healthy. However, the results of genetic testing are not straightforward, which is why it is a challenge to interpret its results.

Genes are indicative of most genetic disorders, but they don't seal your fate.

Who Should Go For DNA testing?

These tests can be taken by any healthy individual to check their genetic risk for diseases also lifestyle factor like nutrition and fitness based on the variation in their DNA. It is a simple and pain-free test. However, if you think you may be susceptible to any genetic abnormalities or diseases, you must go for it.

For example, if you know that many women in your family have breast or ovarian cancer, you can check whether your genetic makeup shows a predisposition to the disease or you show no such traits at all. Individuals with strong family history of Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Thyroid, Hypertension etc. should definitely consider doing DNA test.

Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases

Genetic predisposition to diseases is determined at the time of conception. Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies any changes in genes to screen or confirm any genetic condition and help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder. Genetic testing analyzes your DNA and provides personalized recommendations for fitness, nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Genetic test results may be useful in timely monitoring or detection of many health issues which should be mindfully addressed.

For example,

  • If you are genetically prone to Type2 Diabetes then genetic counsellor will ask you to check on specific symptoms, monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis, control on sugar intake and increase in daily physical activities based on your age and current health complications.
  • If your result suggests traits of vitamin D deficiency, you will be provided with recommendations for exposure to sun light for specific duration and monitoring regularly by checking vitamin D levels.
  • If you are found to show low endurance, then counsellor will ask to improve your endurance capacity with specific exercise that helps in weight management.

Genetic testing is your guide to lifelong wellness. It also helps to personalize and select better health checkups package as per your genetic requirements.

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