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Frequently Asked Questions

No need to go anywhere, we will send a saliva sample kit and collect back by Indus. After test, counseling will be done over the phone once you get your report.

Yes, DNA test is done once in a life. However, various reports can be generated as more research is done throug your salive sample. Also, if diagnosed with any clinical condition then more tests may be required as directed by the doctor.

No, there is no shipping cost or additional charges involved. The shipping and pickup is absolutely free.

No, single kit will disclose all your genetic conditions through saliva sample collected in a single DNAwise kit.

We will extract dna from your saliva samples for further tests.

Saliva kit will be delivered to your mentioned address, and saliva sample can be couriered back to indus. Genetic counseling will be done over a phone call.

Genetic testing report will be mailed to you.

Genetic counseling is a process wherein beneficiaries of DNAwise are explained their test report and advised on further plan of action.

No. Any person of any gender and age can be equally benefitted.

Yes. It is recommended that everyone in the family does it because although one family, everyone is genetically unique and one can identify genetic conditions in the family.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you buy both - DNAwise and preventive health checkup package.

No. This test is for healthy individuals. It is not recommended for people with preexisting clinical conditions. More specific diagnostic tests may be required for them, as directed by their doctor.

You can get a refund within 30 days of date mentioned on your payment receipt as long as you have not tampered the kit.

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