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DNAwise Wellness

About DNAwise Wellness

About DNAwise Wellness

DNAwise Wellness is a genetic testing package that informs you about your genetic tendencies for various nutrition and fitness related parameters. DNAwise Wellness is an empowering test that you can do to know ideal diet, fitness routines and overall wellness recommendation. The test reports are easy to read and understand, and it provides lifestyle guidance based on your genetic information. You will discover what diet and exercises are best for you, find out your response to different nutrients, and learn about your appetite and food sensitivities. Possessing the knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make most informed decisions about lifestyle.

Personalized Approach to Wellness
General vs. Personalized Approach to Wellness

Most of us have come across this statement "One Size does not Fit All" in various contexts at least once in our lives. This is however the most applicable when it comes to your diet and fitness. Most people go through years of trial and error before finding out the best food and exercises for their unique metabolism and body type. A general recommendation about having a healthy and balanced diet and doing regular exercise is regarded as a key to healthy life and well-being. Though there will be some individuals who may benefit from this generalized guidelines, this is certainly not a fruitful approach that suits each and every individual. What is the ideal approach then? The answer to this lies in a "precision nutrition and fitness" approach that can be personalized and tailored as per the information coded in your genes. Combining your genetic information with the basics of nutrition and fitness is the way forward to achieve your various health and wellness goals and the "DNAwise Wellness" genetic report can be your guide and companion in this journey.

Knowing Your Genetic Information And Implementing Lifestyle Changes Empower You To:
Weight Loss

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight, Weight gain or weight loss

Muscle Mass

Increase or maintain your current fitness levels and muscle mass

vitamins and minerals

Maintain optimal levels of various vitamins and minerals

sensitivities and intolerances

Identify and manage food sensitivities and intolerances


Prevent soft issue injuries

post-exercise recovery

Optimize post-exercise recovery

Look and feel

Look and feel your best

Better understand

Better understand the interactions between your genes, diet and exercise for management of certain health parameters

Health Checkup
DNA and Wellness – the Link

We are all unique genetically because we all have different set of genetic variants. Your genes control almost all physiological processes in your body and thus influence various traits. Genetic variants may interfere with the absorption and metabolism of vitamins and minerals and thus influences your tendency for deficiencies of various nutrients. Your genes can also influence the response of your body weight to different nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber. Your genes can also determine your taste preferences, satiety responsiveness, and eating behavior. Genetic variations can also impact your response to different types of exercises, your tendency to recover from exercise induced changes in the body, your motivation to exercise and endurance level.

  • Saliva-based & user friendly
  • Done from the comfort of your home
  • Ideal For Young Generation & Fitness Freaks Of All Age Categories
  • Latest technology, international standards, & high quality reports
  • Diverse genetic reports: Nutrition & Fitness
  • Telephonic counseling by qualified genetic counselors or doctors
  • Electronic access to reports
  • Helps in personalizing diet & fitness regime
DNAwise Wellness informs about your genetic tendencies for a total of 44 parameters in two Categories :
Nutrition Checkup


Fitness Checkup


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