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What are the Health Issues you face in your day to day life?

Know your genetic tendency for :

Weight Loss | Obesity | Diabetes | Triglycerides | Gluten Sensitivity | Kidney | Lungs and Brain | Blood Pressure Sensitivity | Ligament Strength | Cholesterol Levels | Vitamin Deficiency | Calcium Deficiency | Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Habits| Weight Gain | Skin and Hair | cancer | Bones and Joints | Immunity | Gastro | Hypertension

Know your health and wellness score.

Are you looking to modify your lifestyle and habits to improve the quality of your life? Answer these simple questions related to your immunity, fitness, nutrition, health and habits, and check your health assessment.

Immunity  Assessment
Fitness Assessment
Nutrition Assessment
Health Assessment

Our Genetic Testing Packages

Different people have different goals. So, we have different genetic testing packages. Choose the package that’s best for YOU!!

DNAwise Total

DNAwise Total

A comprehensive package that helps you to take total control of your health and wellness by uncovering your unique genetic profile.

  • 75+ Parameters
  • 4 Categories
  • Free 1-1 Genetic Counseling

DNAwise Wellness

DNAwise Wellness

A genetic test which sets out the perfect diet and exercise recommendations for your lifelong wellness, tailored as per the genetic tendencies of your body.

  • 25+ Parameters
  • 2 Categories
  • Free 1-1 Genetic Counseling


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