How Genetic Test Helps in Kid's Future

How Genetic Test Helps in Kid's Future

DNA testing has come a long way in recent years, and it is thrilling to imagine the wealth of information we'll be able to learn about ourselves at young age. Parents are always curious to know about their kid's choice of snack or game or any activities. In the same way parents are also eager to learn about what disease their kid can have due to strong or classic history of disease in the family.

DNA testing and nutrition traits

DNA testing can help identification of some nutrition genetic factors like predisposed vitamin deficiencies, weight gain or weight loss with protein and fiber, gluten sensitivity, salt intake and blood pressure response etc. This DNA based nutrition reports helps in customization of your kid's food requirement to remain healthy and disease free. For example if report says likelihood of Vitamin A, B12, B6, B9 deficiency and your child is a picky vegetable eater that will definitely affect Vitamin levels. There vitamins are important for eyesight, muscle strength, neurological functions etc. and are important part of nutrition. By knowing the kid's report parent will get an idea how to inculcate habits of eating vitamin rich food like green leafy vegetables and certain fruits to maintain their levels.

DNA testing and Fitness

DNA test can reveals what are genetic factors that influence physical fitness level of a kid. Genetic factors like endurance, fatigue, muscle power etc. contributes to the physical strength of kid. For example if genetic test reports shows high endurance with exercise then capacity of physical activities in that kid is more compared to other. On this parents can divert their playing routine to any endurance based sport and can choose to develop career in the same. Similarly if there is high likelihood of fatigue parents can keep track of their playtime, feed them with fruits and juices regularly and monitor full sound sleep so that fatigue does not affect other routine activities and study of kid.

DNA testing and Health

Genes come from parents therefore certain family members share diseases in common. When there is a high risk for hypercholesterolemia in family there are chances that kid can also have a predisposition. These disease predispositions can change the approach of parents how to raise their kid, what habits to inculcate and what symptoms to look for any medical attention. DNA reports are as good early alarm to check on the ticking future genetic disease risk.

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