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Our Genetic Testing Packages

Optimize your health with the most comprehensive DNA test panel.

DNAwise Kit

How Can I Benefit from a DNA Test?

One of the very few companies that provide this type of report
Lose Weight, Get Fit & Eat Smarter

Find your optimal diet and training based on your genetic blueprint.

Risk prediction using cutting edge genotyping technology
Know Your Disease Risk Early

Take early action, detect your Genetic cancer and disease risks.

Simple report content which is easy to understand
Plan For Your Future Family

Uncover inherited conditions that Could affect your next generation.



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Frequently Asked Questions

DNAwise genetic test reports about your genetic risk for various health conditions which affects different organ systems of your body. It also reports your genetic tendencies for nutrition, fitness and habit related parameters.

What does the DNAwise report covers?

DNAwise report covers 80 parameters in 4 sections – Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Habits. It provides you with your genetic information which is important for making right health and wellness choices. Your DNAwise report will help you discover what health condition you have a high risk for so that you can take timely actions for prevention and early detection of these health conditions. It will also help you understand what diet and exercises are best for you, find out which nutrients you may be deficient in, and learn about your appetite and food sensitivities. DNAwise report will highlight your tendencies for various habits so that you can alert yourself and take proper measures to avoid any type of addiction.

What is the process of DNAwise genetic testing?

DNAwise genetic testing involves collection of saliva or blood sample (in some cases) followed by extraction of DNA from these samples. SNP genotyping is then done using microarray technology to understand your genetic make-up at various genetic markers known to be associated with the parameters in DNAwise test. This genotyping data is then used to generate the DNAwise Genetic Test Report using standard bioinformatics pipeline.

What is saliva collection process?

Saliva collection process involves collection of your spit sample in a specific buffer solution present in the tube supplied with the Saliva Sample Kit.

What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counseling is a process wherein beneficiaries of DNAwise are explained their genetic test report and advised on further plan of action.

How can I receive genetic testing reports?

You will be sent a PDF copy of your genetic testing report at your email addresses registered with us.

Is DNAwise a ONE TIME test?

DNAwise reports your genetic test results based on your genotype at various genetic markers (SNPs) as per the latest scientific knowledge. The risk scores and results are unlikely to change when the test is repeated with the same markers and technology platform used in this test. However, genetics is an evolving field and as genetics research progresses, more and more gene-disease associations (genetic markers) are discovered. Also, the technology for genetic testing is ever improving. The test results and interpretation may or may not change when newly found genetic variants or upgraded technology is used in a more advanced genetic test. Saliva sample collection is mostly one-time for DNAwise. However, various reports can be generated based on the research. Also if diagnosed with some clinical conditions then more specific diagnostic/ clinical tests may be required as directed by the doctor.

Can DNAwise help me manage existing health conditions?

Any health condition is a result of your genetics and lifestyle factors which includes your diet and physical activity levels. DNAwise informs you about your response to various types of diet and exercises which may help you to personalize your diet and exercise regimen that will help you to manage existing health conditions. For example, DNAwise reports your insulin sensitivity with exercise which may help you to manage Type 2 Diabetes.

Does DNAwise product include diet and fitness plan?

DNAwise report gives you a personalized recommendation about your diet and fitness plan based on your genetic tendencies. Also, a summary report will be provided after genetic counseling call taking into account your genetics report and personal health history with more actionable points. In addition to it, food sources of various nutrients are also provided in the report. However, a daily, weekly or annual diet and fitness plan is not provided with the DNAwise product.

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