Genetic Determination of BMD

Genetic Determination of BMD

Genetic Determination of Bone Mineral Density

Bone mineral density (BMD) test checks the amount of calcium and other minerals are present in area of bones. BMD test values can detect osteoporosis, predict your risk for bone fractures and measure your response to osteoporosis treatment. It is painless - a bit like having an X-ray. The test can measure bone density at your hip and lumbar spine. A BMD test reports guide you to take steps to help slow down your bone loss and prevent osteoporosis in your future.

If you have low bone mass that is not low enough to be diagnosed as osteoporosis, this is sometimes referred to as osteopenia. Hereditary is one of the important factors for cause of osteoporosis. Timely preventive treatment is must to prevent major bone damage in long run.

Genetics of Bone Mineral Density

Multiple Research and other scientific studies says there are almost 24 to 32 genetic factors that influence bone mineral density. Depending upon the variation in DNA identified with genetic testing severity and onset of osteoporosis differs from individual to individual. Genetic testing screens your DNA even before your body starts loosing calcium and minerals from bones. Also a BMD value differs with age, gender, any medical condition or medicine you take which causes negative effects on bone health.

Genetic or DNA testing for Bone Mineral Density

We at Indus Health Plus have come up advance technology in genetics which screens for predisposition to likelihood of BMD and calcium levels. With genetic testing you can predict BMD as early as in 20's or 30's which gives your ample time to take preventive measures. If outcome in DNA reports states high likelihood of BMD then there are several ways to prevent osteopenia or stress fractures like increase in consumption of calcium, regular monitoring of Vitamin D and weight bearing exercises. Genetic testing for BMD is extremely important and useful for athletes and army personal if they are at risk of strenuous training. DNA test reports also guides you how to personalize your weight management regime that you can avoid bone injuries while exercise session.

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