How DNA Test Kit works?

How DNA Test Kit works?

Genetic testing is your ultimate guide of fitness and wellness. DNAwise reports will help you know the predisposition to diseases and allow early diagnosis of genetic disease. It allows you to personalize your routine health checkups, meal plans, and workout regimens according to your genetic traits.

With the mission of providing quality healthcare services in India, Indus Health Plus has redefined preventive health checkup and DNA testing. Your genetic test results can guide you to make informed lifestyle decisions to live healthy and happy.


How DNAwise DNA Test Kit Works?

Step 1: Spit and Send

  • Order DNAwise test online.
  • Test Kit will be delivered to your doorsteps.
  • Call 9545622222 to understand the instructions on how to use the kit for saliva collection.
  • Your saliva sample will be collected from home and send to Indus Health Plus.

Step 2: Sample Processing

  • DNA extraction from your saliva sample will be done by experts.
  • After a quality check your DNA will be send for further processing.
  • Genetic Data of your sample will be analyzed by bioinformatician to generate report.

Step 3: Counselling

  • Your DNAwise reports will be sent to personal email.
  • Genetic Counsellor from Indus Health Plus will help you understand reports and provide personalized recommendation as required.
  • Counselling summary reports are provided for ready reference.

Why use DNAwise DNA test?

  • Noninvasive and painless saliva based test so no pricking or needle piercing to draw / collect sample.
  • Advanced technology for DNA analysis, follow international guidelines and give high quality genetic reports.
  • Kit delivery and sample collection from home.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Report access is privately via personal email.
  • Post reports telephonic genetic counselling sessions.
  • Detailed information about your genetic risk, nutrition and fitness traits providing an overview about your overall health.
  • Early diagnosis and preventive action for familial diseases.
  • Helps to plan regular preventive health checkup and long term care insurance.
  • Make lifestyle changes to delay disease onset and live healthy.

For a healthy and happy family, choose DNAwise test package. For more information, fill in the inquiry form below.

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