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Indus Health Plus stands as a beacon of reliability, providing accessible, available, and affordable healthcare solutions. Committed to saving lives through preventive measures, we've proudly served a diverse global clientele. With 23 years of pioneering excellence in preventive healthcare, Indus Health Plus has not only transformed health check-ups but has also introduced a proprietary direct-to-consumer genomic product line.

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Genetics is the Future of Preventive Healthcare

Genetics is the future of preventive healthcare and Indus Health Plus with the help of genetic testing portfolio, working towards improving the healthcare ecosystem in India. Genetic testing from preventive standpoint helps in identifying disease predisposition and allows people to take action in way advance. However, pharmacogenomics enables the doctors to enhance the quality of treatment which will be cost effective and less time-consuming as they will be having the complete information of the drug that will be suitable for the individual.

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Some Benefits of Genetics Testing


Comprehensive Insights

Our genetic reports go beyond basic health parameters, providing a comprehensive analysis covering health, nutrition, habits, fitness, and drug response. We believe in delivering a holistic understanding of your genetic makeup.


Proactive Health Management

We don't just focus on detecting disease risks; our reports are designed to empower individuals and clinicians for proactive health management.

Personalized Treatment

Personalized Treatment

91% believe Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing can enhance patient outcomes and treatment efficacy. 57% believe Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing can facilitate personalized treatment plans.

Proven Impact

Proven Impact on Healthcare Cost

Our preventive healthcare approach, coupled with early disease prediction through genomics, has demonstrated a significant reduction in healthcare costs.


Clinicians/Doctors/Medical Community Engagement

Our genetic reports offer detailed health predisposition and pharmacogenetics insights, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions for personalized health plans.

Continuous Updates

Continuous Updates and Enhancements

This ensures that you receive the latest advancements in genomics and healthcare, keeping your offerings at the forefront of innovation.

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In-Depth Reports

Choose Indus for not only cutting-edge genetic insights but also for the seamless integration, user-friendly experiences, and unwavering support that make the incorporation of genetics into your systems a streamlined and positive endeavour.


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In-house Curated Knowledgebase

In-house Curated Knowledgebase

In-house Developed Bioinformatics Pipeline

In-house Developed Bioinformatics Pipeline

Trusted and Validated

Trusted and Validated

Customizable and White Labeled Reports

Customizable and White Labeled Reports 

End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Healthcare App

Genetics Health Reports


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Order The Kit

Order The Kit

Place an order from our website for a sample collection kit and the report of your choice.

Collect Your Sample

Collect Your Sample

Follow the simple instructions in this video on how to collect your saliva sample.

Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

Your results will be available in 3-4 weeks. Login to your account and start discovering yourself.

Know more about our DNA solution.

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person's response to drugs. DNAwise INDNA4-PRE combines Mednawise and Dnawise genetic test packages, which help you personalise your diet and nutrition.


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DNAWise transformed my life. I lost 15kgs in 6 months, I am now a 2.0 version of myself!

Lifestyle Modifications Can Be Adapted

Genetic predisposition to diseases and disorders is determined at the time of conception. Therefore the earlier you take the test, the more it benefits you. Lifestyle modifications can be adapted at an early age to prevent/delay the onset of a disease.

Boost your weight loss effort with DNAwise

DNAwise guides health & nutrition, which helped her to lose 8kg weight in 5 months.

Identify and Mitigate health risks in advance with DNAwise and live a happy life

Genetic testing studies an individual to find the basis of traits & Estimate predisposition risk of susceptibility to diseases.

Snehal (Chala Hawa Yeu Dya) fame, shares her health checkup experience.

Know Snehal from Chala Hawa Yeu Dya? Hear from her about how she maintains her body's health with regular full body checkups.

Inspite of high risks for several deadly diseases, today I am healthy and fit. Taking DNAWise at a young age has increased my life expectancy.

Kishor Asolkar
Prashant Patil
Neha Jadhav
Pranali Sawant
Snehal Sidham
Vishal Gomale

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is predictive genetic testing in assessing disease risk?

The accuracy of predictive genetic testing depends on factors such as the specific genes analyzed and the size of the genetic database. Reputable providers, like Indus Health Plus, utilize advanced technologies and extensive databases to provide accurate and reliable results.

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