Environment v/s Genes

Environment v/s Genes

Genetic Disease

Some variations in nucleotide of DNA cause certain changes in functioning of genes resulting in a genetic disorder. Genetic diseases are caused by hereditary mutations that are passed from the parents and are present in an individual at birth. Disease occurs when several genetic factors interact with each other - or with the environment - to increase susceptibility to diseases. For example diseases like Type-2 Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Obesity, Hypothyroidism etc.

Hereditary and Genetic Disease

Genetic factors in individual are inherited from parent. With common genes some diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc. runs in family. Families also share diet, habits and environment. Therefore disease diagnosed at early age indicates that entire family is at risk for same. We cannot change genes but can change behavior which defines how healthy we can be at later age. Learning about such common genetic disease with DNA testing helps you to make healthy choice and stay healthy.

Lifestyle and Genetic Disease

A healthy lifestyle trumps genetic risk. You daily habits - such as what you eat, how active you are, and smoking or drinking affects your health. Unhealthy lifestyle with high genetic risk can result in to disease manifestation at early age. For example Type 2 Diabetes is partly about genes, but it is also about lifestyle. Person with high genetic risk if exercise well and manages weight can make a big difference; will have normal HbA1C levels in contrast to the one who has unhealthy eating habits and zero physical activity. The sooner you take healthy habits, the better.

DNA testing for Genetic Disease

Genes have all the information about you, also what can make you sick in your lifetime. DNA testing helps to identify this predisposed genetic risk from your genes and give you're a clear picture about your genetic health. DNA reports guides you to make healthy lifestyle choice by telling you what genetic factors influence you food habits (Nutrition) and physical strength (Fitness). Genetic testing at early age gives you chance to transform unhealthy habits and choose preventive health checkup package for regular monitoring of diseases.

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