DNA are the blueprint of life it has got all the information about your minute physical element. DNA combines to form gene that instructs the body to perform all functions like metabolic activities, determine physical characteristics of individual etc. You inherit 50 percent of your DNA from each parent. Genes determine uniqueness of an individual. As genes define how good health can be it also gives hint about any genetic disease you are predisposed to how proteins can affect your weight and how endurance power can change the fitness level.

Why DNA testing is important?

Genes are transmitted or passed from parents to child; hence so some diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular condition, Thyroid, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Cancer etc. runs in family. DNA testing helps in identification of any genetic risk if you have and act on them at correct time. By analyzing your DNA and looking at what genetic markers are present, DNA testing reports can tell you about your risk of developing a range of conditions. These tests can be taken by any healthy individual to check their genetic risk for disease also lifestyle factor like nutrition and fitness based on the variation in their DNA.

Benefits of DNA testing

  • No pre-test fasting required for DNA testing.
  • Detailed information about your genetic risk, nutrition and fitness traits providing an overview about your overall health.
  • Early diagnosis and preventive action for familial diseases.
  • Personalized reports that are easy to understand.
  • Genetic counsellors to help understand reports, plan regular preventive health checkup and long term care insurance.
  • Make lifestyle changes to delay disease onset and live healthy.

Importance of Genetic Testing

With increasing burden of lifestyle based disorder like obesity, thyroid, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia etc. early diagnosis is need of an hour. With modernization and adaptation of junk eating habits has ruined the normal healthy lifestyle of individual. DNA testing reports provides early diagnosis of disease and gives you more time to choose the correct course for disease management. Knowing the genetic cause of these diseases will provide better options for disease prevention for next generation.

DNA testing are complex yet important tool to know more about your health and improvise quality of life. A few genetic conditions can be prevented with lifestyle modifications.

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