Genes Really Affect Your Fitness

Genes Really Affect Your Fitness

Have you noticed that some people's body responds to the exercise and workout plan effortlessly, while the other tries so hard for months at the gym and do not see any results?

This question has troubled countless people, researchers and fitness experts.. With few tweaks you can achieve your fitness goals - to name few; change in the diet and nutrition plan, workout regimens and lifestyle modifications. But you need to consider one major drop-out point of discussion, i.e. how genes impact your fitness levels?

Firstly, you need to understand the role of DNA in lifestyle and how genetic reports on fitness can help you tailor personalized training sessions.

Role Of Genetics To Determine Your Fitness

There is a difference in genetic makeup of two individuals and because of which one may be a couch potato and another star athlete. Scientists are unlocking new paths using fitness genetic test in India to make positive and long-lasting changes in health, fitness, nutrition, and fitness. Inheritance of certain genes determine your response to specific type of exercise - but you can chalk it out to just 50%. With combination of positive points from your genetic variants and some modifications in diet you can achieve desired results in your fitness output.

Impact Of DNA On Your Fitness

Know your DNA!!

Learning about how genes impact your fitness can help you eliminate the chances of guesswork and approach in a smart way to become fit. Genetic reports on fitness give you an insight about your endurance to the workout plans and experts might recommend high-intensity, longer duration training sessions.

Eating and exercising in sync with your DNA can work wonders to keep you fit, build lean muscles, weight loss - in a SMART WAY.

How To Tell Where Your Talents Lies?

Fitness summary of the genetic report provides analysis on the following traits -

  • Likelihood of fatigue or injury
  • Power
  • Ligament strength
  • Weight loss or weight gain tendency
  • Exercise recovery
  • Exercise motivation
  • Endurance
  • Aerobic capacity and more.

Training programs will give you an idea of how well a DNA based fitness plan is working for you. Genetic testing will augment your confidence and motivate you to work in harmony to achieve your fitness goals. Your DNA blueprint will help you boost your speed, recovery time, endurance, power and more.

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