Is Doxepin For You? Will It Help You?

Everyone has heard of depression. The last decade has seen many people speak freely about depression and mental well-being. Today, there is a lot of stress on positive mental health. A person can be grieving or sad, but that is not depression. Depression is a state of sadness over a long period. Sometimes, you would not know what hit you suddenly, what triggered the state. There can be a specific reason too, for a patient to slide into depression.  Whatever the reason, the state of mental sadness can be extremely difficult.




The patient loses interest in day-to-day activities, will experience sleep disturbances, and have a constant feeling of sadness. Different people experience depression in different ways. Some feel hopeless, and worthless, while others have decreased energy or cry a lot. Some patients have extreme thoughts, like thoughts of ending life; which could be fatal. Physical well-being is important but mental health is equally vital. Being healthy inside out is what makes an individual healthy.

Depression is very tough to live with and requires long-term treatment. a combination of psychotherapy and medicine usually helps the patient to lead a normal life. Medicines like antidepressants are the choice of drugs in most cases. Doxepin is one such medicine.

What is Doxepin?

A tricyclic antidepressant, Doxepin increases the levels of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for many functions like modulating mood, cognition, memory, and many more. Raised levels of serotonin help in regulating mood and thus relieving symptoms related to depression. It is helpful to treat anxiety and insomnia too.

How is Doxepin available?

Doxepin is available as capsules, tablets, and oral solutions. The popular brand name for Doxepin available in the market is Doxepin, which is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

How to take Doxepin?

It is advised to take Doxepin exactly as instructed by the doctor.

The initial dose will be low, your doctor can eventually increase the dose if required.

Never take more dosage than recommended by your doctor.

Never suddenly stop taking the medicine with the advice of your doctor. A sudden halt in medication could result in some severe side effects.


For oral dosage form (capsules or solution):

For depression or anxiety:

In adults and children above 12 years of age, the initial dose is 75 milligrams (mg) once a day or it can be divided into smaller doses to be taken during the day. The maximum dose is usually not more than 150 mg per day.

In children younger than 12 years of age the use of Doxepin is not recommended.

For oral dosage form (tablets):

For insomnia:

In adults, the dose is 6 milligrams (mg) once a day.

In older adults, the initial dose is 3 milligrams (mg) once a day. Your doctor will alter the dose if felt necessary.

In children, the dose and the use of Doxepin are decided by the doctor, based on several factors.

Precautions to be taken before you take Doxepin

Any medicine you take must be safe for you. Your doctor needs to know your medical history and your familial medical history so that an informed decision regarding the treatment can be made.

It is advised to inform your doctor about all the known allergies you have.

Tell the doctor about all the current medicines you are taking including all the over-the-counter medicines, supplements, and herbal products. Since drugs interact with each other, this information is crucial to avoid any adverse effects of drug-drug interactions.

Inform your doctor if you are already consuming any antipsychotics or anticoagulants.

Tell your doctor if you had taken Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) in the past.

You need to inform the doctor if you:

Consume alcohol

Smoke tobacco or eat it

Are Pregnant


Have difficulty urinating

In case you feel any problem in your eyes after taking the drug, consult with your doctor and go for an eye examination. Doxepin may make you drowsy,

hence, it is advised to not drive after taking Doxepin.

Side effects of Doxepin

All medicines have some kind of side effects, that are mostly mild. Doxepin can cause side effects. Your doctor weighs the benefits and the side effects, before prescribing the drug but, it is important to monitor the side effects. Each individual has a different response so there is a possibility you may experience side effects. Discuss the problems with your doctor and take his opinion on any side effects, you may encounter.

Common Side Effects of Doxepin

Nausea, vomiting

weakness or tiredness, dizziness

Dry mouth, mouth sores

Skin is sensitive to sunlight

Changes in appetite or weight

Changes in the way things taste




Difficulty passing urine

Feeling extremely thirsty

Ringing in your ears

Changes in sex drive

Swollen testicles

An increase of breast size

In females, a milky discharge from nipples is seen

Excessive sweating, or sudden chills


Hair loss

Tell your doctor if you experience any severe symptoms or some symptoms that do not go away.

Serious Side Effects of Doxepin

A yellow tint is seen on the skin or eyes

Fast heartbeat

Unusual bleeding


Skin rash or itching


If you experience any severe or adverse effects seek emergency medical attention or call your doctor immediately.

Does Doxepin suit you?

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