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Sertraline: An Antidepressant Medicine


What would life be without its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows? We all have had a rough day, a bad day, and a good day. Feeling sad is part and parcel of our life, but have you felt gloomy all day long for days together That can severely impact your physical and mental health.

The state of lingering sadness is called depression. It is a clinical condition and is, declared one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide. It can manifest in different individuals in different manners. The experiences of each patient vary.? 

Depression has long-term effects on work life, relationships, and the individual's physical health. If not detected and treated on time, it may lead to the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. 

The treatment option for depression depends upon the individual and may include a combination of medications and therapy. The most common medicine prescribed by doctors to treat depression is Sertraline. 


What is Sertraline? 

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that may impact people’s moods and behaviour. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Sertraline are the most commonly prescribed antidepressant medications and have few side effects. Sertraline is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and an antidepressant that helps to restore the balance of a substance called serotonin in the brain. 

Doctors prescribe Sertraline to people suffering from panic attacks, depression, and stress disorders. It helps treat diseases by lifting the mood, restoring energy levels, and improving sleep and appetite. Sertraline is also helpful in reducing anxiety, fear, and unwanted thoughts. It reduces the urge to do unnecessary tasks which may interfere with daily work (like the urge or compulsion to, repeatedly wash hands).? 

Uses of Sertraline 

Sertraline is used to treat symptoms of depression 

      Feeling of sadness 
      Feeling of loneliness 
      Poor appetite and reduced sleep 
      Suicidal thoughts 
      It is also, used to treat symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety 
      Excessive sweating 
      Tremors in hands and body 
      A constant feeling of worry 
      Fast heartbeats 

How to take Sertraline? 

Sertraline should be taken exactly the way your doctor tells you. You should never modify the dose in any way. 

It can be taken with or after a meal, once daily. 

You have to complete the course of medicine as suggested by the doctor, even if you start feeling better after the initial doses. 

You must always discuss your medical history with your doctor. That helps the doctor to select the drug and dose carefully to suit your condition. In the case of Sertraline, inform the doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of liver diseases, thyroid diseases, or a family history of bleeding problems or glaucoma. 

The dosage and dose for Sertraline? 

Sertraline has to, be taken once daily. It comes in both capsule and liquid form.  

Capsules come in 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams, and 100 milligrams, and also in 150 milligrams and, 200 milligrams. It is advised to take it whole without crushing or breaking it. The doctors recommend a dose based on your health condition and the response of the body to the drug. It can be taken with or without food, as recommended, by the doctor.? 

The liquid form of this Sertraline needs to be mixed with another liquid before use. Always use a measuring cup to measure the exact amount of the liquid. Never prepare in advance, and drink immediately once mixed. 

Some popular brands of Sertraline 

You may find that Sertraline is popularly sold under brand names 

        Daxid (Pfizer) 
        Zoloft (Pfizer) 
        Serlift (Eris Lifesciences Ltd) 
        Zosert (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd) 
        Sertagress (La Renon Healthcare Pvt Ltd) 
        Sertima (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd) 
        Inosert (Ipca Laboratories Ltd) 

What happens if you miss a dose? 

It is a good idea to set a reminder to take the medications on time each time. If you miss a dose, you can take it as soon as you remember. However, if the time to take the next dose is closer, it is better to skip the missed dose and directly take the next dose at the usual time. Never take a double dose instead of a missed dose. 

Side effects of Sertraline 

Sertraline is a safe drug, and usually, the patients do not show any severe side effects. A small percentage of approximately 10% of the patients may show some mild side effects like 

         Loss of appetite 
         Difficulty sleeping 
         Dry mouth 
         Decreased sexual drive 

Some serious side effects or reactions 

         Yellowing of eyes or pale skin? 
         Blood in cough, stool, and urine. 
         Gum bleeding and bruising without reason. 
         Hallucinations or a state of extreme happiness 

If you observe any of the above effects, consult the doctor immediately. 

Would Sertraline help you? 

Being a comparatively safe drug, Sertraline is the choice of drug for doctors to treat depression. 

It has shown positive results, but as we know, each individual is different, and so is the body’s reaction to the drugs. A medicine may show positive and immediate effects in one person, but another patient may have adverse reactions to the same drug. 

So, how do you know if Sertraline is the ideal drug? Best suited for you? 

Well, Indus Health Plus has you covered. With the personalized MEDNAwise genetic test, you can know exactly how your body will respond to a drug. Genetic testing is a game changer in the medical industry. Genes influence the metabolism of the drugs you take.? 

The study of genetic information to predict response to a drug is known as pharmacogenetics. Each individual has a different set of genes, which makes that person unique. So, MEDNAwise is pharmacogenetic testing that can predict your genetic response to 70+ drugs used in various medical specialties, including Sertraline.? 

This no-hassles, simple spit-swab test is easy to do. You can do it at your home and send it for testing. Based on the DNA, a detailed report is provided that tells you about your genetic risks and allows the doctors to plan & personalize your medications. The extra benefit you get is that our experienced genetic counselors guide you with recommendations on diet and further tests you may need to take. 

The MEDNAwise genetic testing is the go-to test for any future medical emergencies too.? 

The doctor would know exactly which drug to give and which to avoid.? 

Medical science is moving forward to a better and healthier future, so what are you waiting for?? 

Sign up today for the MEDNAwise genetic testing and choose a healthier and better lifestyle for yourself and your family. Call us today! 







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