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What Is Personalized Medicine And Why Is It Important? 

Medicines are created by scientists and experts to help the body recover from certain conditions. The ingredients used to make the medicines are quality checked and tested by renowned labs and experts around the world.  

Despite the high technology and methods, people are still getting negatively affected by some of the specific medicines. Hence it is always recommended that you should consume the drugs specifically prescribed by your doctors and health professionals. In addition, excessive usage of medicines should be avoided as it can precipitate many conditions in the body.  


Pharmacogenetics is the study of the genes affecting body response to certain specific conditions. It is also known as pharmacogenomics. DNA is transported through the family tree from parents to offspring. The genes of the human body can get affected by the drugs consumed, although the effect may vary from person to person.  

According to the latest technological developments, pharmacogenetic testing can help in identifying the best-suited drugs, dosages, etc., for a particular individual.  

What are the uses of pharmacogenomics testing?  

The following are the uses of pharmacogenetic testing. One can read more and know about it in detail. 

It can help to find the effectiveness of a particular medicine on your body.  

The test can evaluate the best-suited dosage for the body.  

It can predict the side effects that can occur due to certain specific drugs.  

Why should I take a pharmacogenomics test?  

Your health professional may recommend the test to evaluate the effect of drug dosage on your body. If a particular drug is not working on your body or is producing side effects, then a pharmacogenomics test can be the solution for you.  

Below the methods to take samples for the test are mentioned. They are as follows:  

Blood test:  

An expert will use a fine needle to take blood from the vein in your arm. Once the needle is inserted, a small amount of blood is collected and transferred into a test tube. It is then sent to the lab to conduct the test.  

Saliva test:  

It is simple compared to the blood test. You should contact the expert to take directions for collecting the saliva samples.  

MEDNAwise Genetic Test 

It is designed by the experts to enquire about the best-suited drug for the body. MEDNAwise genetic test is used to test the effectiveness of a particular drug on the body. The test is conducted using a saliva sample and is done once in a lifetime.  

The conditions covered under the test are as follows:  


Organ transplantation  

Infectious disease 

Pain management  





How can I take the MEDNAwise genetic test?  

You can take the test by following the simple steps. They are as follows:  

Purchase the test kit from the Indus Health Plus website and read the instructions carefully.  

Take your saliva sample properly.  

Pack the sample in a tube and send it back to the address given to you.  

Wait for the result to discover the effect of the drugs.  

Are you health-conscious and proactive and want to understand your health future? If yes, fill out the query form, and our representative will get in touch with you with further details about the pharmacogenomics test.  


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