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Know More About Codeine and Find Out if it Suits You

Feeling pain may be a normal thing in life, but being in continuous pain is not a good sign. Pain is often a signal to tell you, that something is wrong with your body. You may feel pain in a particular part of the body or all over. It can be something like a pricking sensation, or a feeling of tingle, burn, or even a sting. Pain can be experienced as sudden or constant, or even intermittent. Pain is an unpleasant feeling. Scientifically pain can be distinguished as acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is sudden and can be caused due to an injury or inflammation. Chronic pain on the other hand lasts for a long time and, if left untreated can lead to several severe problems.


Pain can be cured by treating the core problem causing the pain. Sometimes, it may not be curable, but there are ways to treat it. The cause of the pain and its type determine the treatment plans. There are drug treatments, like analgesics and NSAIDs which are pain relievers. Some non-drug treatments comprise surgery, acupuncture, or physiotherapy. Codeine is a popular drug that is prescribed for mild to moderate pain.

What is Codeine?

Codeine is an analgesic. It belongs to the opiate (narcotic) class of medicines. Codeine is a prodrug of morphine and, is primarily used to treat pain in the body. It is also beneficial if used in combination with other medicines to reduce coughing. Codeine helps reduce most symptoms but remember, it does not treat the cause of symptoms. Codeine belongs to the antitussives category of medicines and, it works by changing the way the brain and nervous system respond to pain. In the case of coughing Codeine works by decreasing the activity in the part of the brain that causes coughing.

How is Codeine available?

Codeine is available in a tablet, a capsule, and a solution (liquid) form.

It is found in most medical stores. It needs a prescription to buy. It can be habit-forming and, hence it is not sold without a valid prescription from your doctor.

Some of the popular brands in the market are listed below.

· Acicod, Allied Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

· Codine Sulphate, Zydus Cadila

· Codeine Phosphate, Zydus Cadila

· Markodin, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals ltd.

· Montokuf, Shreya Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

· Lincotuss, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

How to take Codeine?

· It is to be taken orally by mouth.

· The most common dose is 15 to 60 mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed

· The dose should not exceed 360mg/day.

· It is recommended to take it with milk or some food.

· Stay hydrated when taking Codeine, this reduces the chances of constipation.

· Codeine should be consumed exactly as directed by your doctor.

Some precautions

· Never take Codeine without a prescription.

· Take the medicine at the correct doses and times.

· Never abruptly stop taking codeine. There are withdrawal symptoms like teary eyes, restlessness, widened pupils, irritability, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, runny nose, sweating, stomach cramps fast breathing, fast heartbeat, chills, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle aches, or backache.

· A warning issued by the FDA states that children younger than 12 shouldn’t take codeine products to treat pain.

· Young people between the ages of 12 to 18 years having obstructive sleep apnea (blocked airflow during sleep) or a weakened respiratory system shouldn’t take codeine. These risk factors can lead to severe breathing problems.

· If you have asthma or breathing problems, discuss them with your doctor.

· Let the doctor know if you are expecting or pregnant.

· Never take Codeine if you are breastfeeding.

· Do not consume alcohol and other OTC drugs along with Codeine without consulting your doctor first.

It is crucial to discuss your allergies and medical history with the doctor before you start with any medicines.

Side Effects of Codeine

Codeine can sometimes be habit-forming and hence it is essential to take it only when prescribed by a doctor. Codeine can cause some side effects when you start the treatment. Most side effects are mild and do not need any medical intervention. If you feel you are experiencing some severe side effects, consult your doctor immediately.

Some common side effects are listed below

· Headache

· Stomach pain

· Difficulty in passing urine

Some severe side effects are listed below

· Agitation

· Hallucinations (Imagining voices and things)

· Fever

· Sweating

· Confusion

· Fast heartbeat

· Shivering

· Severe muscle stiffness or twitching

· Loss of coordination

· Nausea

· Vomiting, or diarrhoea

· Loss of appetite, weakness, or dizziness

· Trouble getting an erection

· Irregular menstruation

· Decreased sexual desire

· Noisy or shallow breathing

· Difficulty breathing or swallowing

· Changes in heartbeat

· Rash

· Itching

· Hives

· Changes in vision

· Seizures

Get medical help and consult your doctor immediately if you experience any severe side-effects.

Overdosing is when you consume more than the prescribed dose.

Symptoms of overdose may include the following

· Difficulty breathing

· Slow or shallow breathing

· Excessive drowsiness or sleepiness

· Unable to respond or wake up

· Loss of muscle tone

· Cold and clammy skin

· Fainting

· Dizziness

· Slow heartbeat

If you have overdosed, find a doctor and take help immediately.

How to know if Codeine suits you?

If you are in pain and the doctor has prescribed Codeine for you, how would you know if it is the right medicine for you? How to know if Codeine is effective? Well, the MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic test by Indus Health Plus is the solution. Your genes determine several things in your body. They also influence the response of your body toward the drugs and medicines you consume. Each individual is different and has unique genes, hence the reaction to drugs is also unique. MEDNAwise helps find the drug treatment outcomes. It tests your genetic makeup and the ability of your body to react to medicines and drugs. It allows the doctor to prescribe the most effective and potent medicine for you. It eliminates the need to experiment with medicines and doses to find the correct one for you.

MEDNAwise is beneficial to determine the drugs that would give the least side effects and hence eliminates the risk of severe adverse reactions. A simple saliva swab test, MEDNAwise is easy to take at home, in a matter of a few minutes. It tests your response to 70 + medicines. It is the perfect tool to tell you if, Codeine would prove to be effective for you.

With the results, you can be future-ready. The genetic counselors guide you with diet plans and further health check-ups based on your results. MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing is a passport to your future health, as you would already know the drugs with are most effective and the drugs with minimum adverse effects. For any future medical treatment, the doctors would know the most appropriate treatment and line of action for you. Isn’t that wonderful? Quick and efficient treatment that too without spending time and without trial and error.

Patient safety and drug efficiency are the most desired outcomes of any medical treatment. MEDNAwise helps to solve both. With precision medicine being the future of medical science, it is time you take advantage of the affordable and easy MEDNAwise test. What are you waiting for? Get yourself tested today! Call Indus Health Plus and book your MEDNAwise test.

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