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All You Need to Know About Lovastatin

Did you know? Cholesterol is essential for good health!

Yes! Not everyone knows cholesterol is a crucial, fat-like, waxy substance that your liver produces. It is needed by the body to perform many tasks like digestion, making hormones, and other jobs. Due to the recent surge in the cases of elevated cholesterol levels cases, most people associate cholesterol with something negative. The truth is that a healthy state is impossible without cholesterol. Your body produces cholesterol as much as it needs, and, so when you eat fatty foods, you are adding to the total cholesterol in the body, thus increasing the cholesterol levels.




Animal meat, seafood, oil, butter, eggs, and poultry have dietary cholesterol. When you eat food rich in cholesterol and have a sedentary lifestyle, it invariably leads to elevated cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) or abnormal cholesterol levels. Sometimes high cholesterol levels are inherited from someone in the immediate family.

What are the cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol is divided broadly into HDL, LDL, and total cholesterol.

HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins) is also called good cholesterol. It means the body requires it. These levels should be at a mark or higher.

· Over 60 mg/dL (optimal levels)

· 40 to 60 mg/dL (good levels)

· Below 40 mg/dL (low levels)

LDL (Low-density Lipoproteins) is also known as bad cholesterol. The aim is to keep this bad cholesterol under control.

· Under 100 mg/dL (optimal levels)

· 100 to 129 mg/dL (borderline high levels)

· 130 to 159 mg/dL (mildly high)

· 160 to 189 mg/dL (high)

· 190 mg/dL or above (very high)

Elevated cholesterol levels mean having high or very high LDL and low levels of HDL. That can lead to cholesterol build-up on the walls of the blood vessels. It is known as plaque. As the plaque builds up, it narrows the arteries and can lead to restricted blood flow and even blockage. Elevated cholesterol is the root of all cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attacks, and angina.

How to manage healthy cholesterol levels?

A low-fat diet, regular exercises, and regular health check-ups are vital to maintaining healthy cholesterol. Despite the diet and exercise, if the cholesterol is not maintained, the doctor can prescribe statins. Statins help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Lovastatin is one of the drugs that the doctor may prescribe.

What is Lovastatin?

Lovastatin is beneficial to lower high blood cholesterol levels.

It is a commonly prescribed medication.

It is a statin. It works by inhibiting an enzyme that is needed for the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver. It is most effective when used together with lifestyle changes and a low-cholesterol diet.

When is Lovastatin prescribed?

The doctor assesses your lipid levels (cholesterol levels) and your overall health along with age and decides the best medicine for you. Lovastatin can prove to be effective to lower lipid levels and reduce risks of cardiovascular ailments.

Lovastatin is indicated for the following

High cholesterol levels

Risk of coronary artery diseases

Risk of Cardiovascular diseases

Risk of stroke

Risk of heart attack

Risk of other heart complications

How is Lovastatin available?

Lovastatin is available in strengths of 10 milligrams (mg), 20 milligrams (mg), 40 milligrams (mg), and 60 milligrams (mg).

It is offered under many brand names. Several pharmaceutical companies have made it available in different strengths.

Some popular brands under which Lovastatin is sold are

 Lovex (Lupin)

 Statin (Indica Laboratories)

 Aztatin (Sun Pharmaceutical)

 Elstatin (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals)

 Elstin (East West Pharma)

 Lovalip (Cadila Pharmaceuticals)

 Lovacard (Cipla)

 Lostatin (Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories)

 Rovacor (Ranbaxy Laboratories)

 Lovadac (Cadila Pharmaceuticals)

How to use Lovastatin?

 Lovastatin is a prescription-only medicine, so take it precisely as directed by your doctor.

 Never alter the doses on your own without the instructions of your doctor.

 Take Lovastatin with food. It is best taken in the evening or at night.

 In the case of the extended-release tablet, swallow it whole, and never chew or crush it.

 It is best to take it at the same time each day. You may put an alarm to remind you.

 In case you skip a dose, take it when you think of it. If the next dose is less than 12 hours away, then skip the missed dose and take the next one.

 Lovastatin needs to be consumed regularly to see the required effects. You should take the medicine for as long as prescribed by the doctor.

Precautions with Lovastatin

 One must practice certain precautions if you are taking Lovastatin. Lovastatin like all other drugs interacts with other drugs and that could lead to unwanted side effects and complications.

 The first important thing to keep in mind is to inform your doctor about your medical history, the medicine you take, and any surgeries you have had

 Also, inform about any supplements or herbal medicines you may take.

 You should never consume alcohol with Lovastatin

 If you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, do not use Lovastatin. It is unsafe.

 Do not take lovastatin if you are breastfeeding.

 Inform the doctor of any liver disease you have; lovastatin should be used with caution in such conditions.

 If you have kidney problems, use Lovastatin with caution. The doctor will advise the needed dose adjustment as needed.

 Inform the doctor if you have muscle problems

Side effects associated with Lovastatin

Side effects are caused by all medicines, these are some unpleasant effects, you may experience when you start therapy. Most side effects do not require medical attention and get better with time.

Lovastatin also has a few side effects.

There can be a few allergic reactions like rash, sudden swelling, and breathing difficulties. It is advised to see the doctor immediately.

Some common side effects are



 Infections especially of the urinary tract

  Muscle pain

 Slight state of confusion

Some severe side effects

 Severe muscle tenderness and weakness

 Trouble standing up and stiffness of arms and legs

 Little urination, or related problems

 Loss of appetite, tiredness, and severe stomach pain

Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any adverse effects or reactions. Never take anything lightly. Although Lovastatin is a safe drug and does not cause serious side effects, you should remember that each individual reacts differently to the same drug. That means each person will experience different side effects at varying levels.

Is Lovastatin the drug for you?

To know if a certain medicine suits you, and to understand the efficacy of drugs, genetic testing is the perfect tool!

Genetic testing has opened new avenues, where personalized treatment is possible.

Each individual has a unique set of genes and these genes determine your response to many things including the medicines you take. So, if you know your genes, you would know the most effective drug for you.

It is very easy to get genetic testing done with Indus Health Plus MEDNAwise!

MEDNAwise is a pharmacogenetic testing product that can predict your genetic response to 70+ drugs across specialties. It is MEDNAwise genetic testing and its result that would tell you if Lovastatin would help you secure those desired cholesterol levels.

If you analyze your DNA, you get to know the most effective treatment for your unique self and would yield the desired results too.

The test always warns you of future medical emergencies and risks you may face. With this prior knowledge, you can take the necessary preventive actions to delay the onset of the disease and avoid any emergency.

Moreover, the MEDNAwise genetic test is a quick, simple spit-swab test, which can be taken from the comforts of your home. The Indus Health Plus genetic experts also assist you in designing a diet plan, as per your genes.

Your life and your loved ones’ lives are priceless. It is, therefore, crucial to invest in good healthcare and live a healthy life! So do not wait any longer.

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