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Is Propafenone the Drug For You?

Adhering to the usual health check-ups is a good way to keep a check on your overall health. The world is getting polluted and a little toxic in the products we consume. This combined with a sedentary life leads to several ailments. High cholesterol and related heart problems are common phenomena these days. If you feel your heart pounding or beating very fast, you must consult a doctor.




It is normal to have a fast or slow heart rate when we do specific activities like the heart rate increases when you exercise, and the heart beats slowly when you sleep. In cases where the heart rates fluctuate without any known cause, it is time to visit the doctor. Heart arrhythmia or Heart rhythm problems are the primary problems that occur due to an irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeats occur when the electrical signals that coordinate the heartbeats do not work properly. If this fault causes the heart to beat too fast it is called tachycardia (heart rate is greater than 100 beats a minute). If the heartbeat is too slow it is called bradycardia (heart rate is less than 60 beats a minute).

Treatments to treat heart arrhythmia vary. It may include surgery or catheter procedures, implanted devices, or simple medications. It is crucial to treat arrhythmia as it may cause clots and blockages, which may lead to heart attacks or strokes. Propafenone is a drug usually used for arrhythmia.

What is Propafenone?

Propafenone is a drug that can treat certain types of abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmia. A Class IC anti-arrhythmic, it helps to maintain and restore a normal and steady heart rhythm. It acts by blocking the abnormal electrical signals in the heart. Propafenone inhibits sodium channels to restrict the entry of sodium into cardiac cells. That results in a reduced excitation of the cardiac muscle cells.

When is Propafenone prescribed?

Propafenone is beneficial to treat the following conditions

· Treat arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)

· Maintain a normal heart rate

· Improve the hearts rhythm

How to take Propafenone?

· Read the instructions and follow the doctor's directions before consuming the medicine. Your doctor will tell you how many tablets to take for each dose.

· The dose is individually titrated depending on the age and medical condition of the patient. It is to be taken exactly as ordered by the doctor.

· Propafenone has to be taken orally by mouth.

· It can be consumed with food or even without food, as suggested by your doctor.

· The tablet is usually taken three times a day, once every 8 hours.

· The extended-release capsule is usually taken two times a day, once every 12 hours.

· Continue to take Propafenone even if you feel better.

· A missed dose should be taken when you remember. You may skip it if the next dose is soon.

· Do not stop taking Propafenone without consulting our doctor. You may experience an irregular heartbeat if you suddenly stop taking Propafenone.

Propafenone is available in the market under the following brand name

· Pradil (Emcure Pharmaceuticals)

Precautions Before taking Propafenone

Propafenone is a prescription-only medicine and needs to be taken with caution when prescribed by a doctor. Before taking the medicines, you must talk to your doctor about your medical history and your family history.

Inform your doctor about the following

· Any allergic reactions to certain medicine

· Marked hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

· Any Breathing problems

· Asthma

· Kidney or hepatic dysfunction

· Liver problems

· Heart rhythm and related conditions

· Congestive heart failure

· In case of pregnancy

· If you are breastfeeding

· Any recent surgery

· Low levels of potassium or magnesium in the blood

· Any dependency on tobacco or cigarette smoking

All drugs, including Propafenone, interact with the food you eat and the medicines you take. Informing your doctor about your diet and all the medicines you take, including herbal supplements, is vital for Propafenone to give the desired effects. Also, sometimes drug interactions can lead to unwanted side effects.

Side effects of Propafenone

Drugs tend to have some unwanted effects along with the desired effects. These unwanted effects are known as adverse effects. Propafenone also has some side effects. Most side effects are common and tend to get better with time. In most cases, these side effects do not require any medical attention. In case you feel uneasy or unwell or experience any unpleasant side effects, contact your doctor immediately. The doctor can alter the dose or change the medicine as required.

Some common side effects are as follows

· Dizziness And Headache

· Metallic/Salty Taste in The Mouth

· Nausea/Vomiting,

· Constipation,

· Anxiety,

· Tiredness

Some allergic conditions include

· Hives

· Difficulty breathing

· Swelling in body parts (lips, tongue, throat)

Some severe side effects

There can be some rare but very serious side effects that may show with Propafenone. A few side effects are listed below

· Fast pounding heartbeats or fluttering in the chest

· Sudden weight gain

· Signs of infection with high fever, severe chills, weakness, persistent sore throat

· Signs of liver problems with persistent nausea/vomiting, stomach/abdominal pain,

· Yellowing of the eyes or skin

· Dark colour urine

· Lupus-like syndrome

· Worsening symptoms of heart failure such as shortness of breath, swelling ankles/feet, unusual

· Unusual tiredness

If you experience any of the above side effects or any other unwanted and abnormal effects see your doctor immediately.

How do you know if Propafenone is the medicine for you?

Today, with advanced science, we can know beforehand if the drug is suitable for an individual. Pharmacogenetics testing is routinely becoming the standard in personalized patient care. It is an advantage for patients to be proactive in managing their health. Pharmacogenetics is the study of genes to predict a response to drugs. Genes express inherited characteristics and traits. Each individual possesses a different set of genes, that makes the person unique. Indus health plus has an affordable and comprehensive pharmacogenetic test called MEDNAwise genetic testing.

MEDNAwise provides you with a chance to diagnose a genetic condition, due to mutations, well in advance. It helps to know of the possibility of future diseases and serves as a guide to treatment and planning. MEDNAwise can aid decisions. The test helps detect a problem in the early stages or even before the disease starts progressing, thus helping the doctors cure it before it becomes severe. Most importantly, MEDNAwise provides you with peace of mind. Knowing your genes, treatment, and drug options make medical decisions easy for you and your doctor. You can alter your lifestyle and modify your diet to suit your genes.

MEDNAwise can predict your genetic response to 70+ drugs in different medical specialties, including Propafenone. You can take a MEDNAwise test to see if Propafenone is the correct drug meant for you. A simple saliva swab test MEDNAwise is easy to take. The results are comprehensive and help the doctor give the most effective drug to you. The ever-supportive and helpful staff at Indus Health Plus is always eager to help you through the process. The genetic counsellors help you decide the diet plans and future health courses based on the results.

The future is here, MEDNAwise is the future in personalized medicines and targeted therapy. Do not wait any longer. Lead a fuller and healthier life. Call us today to book your MEDNAwise genetic test!

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