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Is Methoxyflurane the anaesthetic for you?

Pain is a common phenomenon in life, but the irony is that no one likes to be in pain. Since time immemorial, man has tried ways to reduce pain. From herbal products to anaesthesia medical science has come a long way. Anaesthesia is in basic terms a numbness or a loss of sensation. It is essential to numb the severe pain that is caused by some medical procedures, operations, and surgeries.  Anaesthesia can be localized, where only the small area where the procedure is carried out is numbed and the patient is fully conscious. Local anaesthesia can be used for small operations and some minor medical procedures.  General anaesthesia is given in cases of major operations and surgeries. The patient gets unconscious and is unaware of the procedure that is being carried out. 


The Medicines which cause anaesthesia are called anaesthetics. Although the exact mechanism of action is not known, it is said that anaesthetics work by blocking the signals that pass to your nerves which in turn are forwarded to your brain. The nerves do not receive any signals, and hence the brain and the body does not feel the pain. When the medicine starts to wear off, you start to feel the sensations again. 

Many times, Anaesthetics are used during tests and surgical operations to senseless the body's sensation or certain areas of the body or also induce sleep. So, this prevents pain and discomfort during the wide range of medical procedures to be carried out.  Some special doctors carry out the process of giving anaesthesia to patients, they are called Anaesthetists. There are several ways to administer the anaesthetics, like an ointment, an injection or even a gas to be inhaled. Methoxyflurane is one such anaesthetic that can be beneficial as a general anaesthetic.
What is Methoxyflurane?

Methoxyflurane belongs to the group of medicines known as general anaesthetics. A halogenated volatile anaesthetic drug Methoxyflurane is indicated for the relief of moderate to severe acute pain.  Methoxyflurane is indicated for the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia in adults.  Methoxyflurane needs to be inhaled to cause general anaesthesia before and during surgery in adults. It is also used in children and adults as a maintenance anaesthesia, after receiving other anaesthetics before and during surgery.
When is Methoxyflurane used? 

Methoxyflurane is given to provide relief from pain that could be moderate or severe. It is also used to reduce pain as a result of trauma and other procedures.  It can be used for inpatient and outpatient surgery, as induction of anaesthesia, and also for the maintenance of anaesthesia.

How is Methoxyflurane available?
Methoxyflurane is available as an inhalation vapor or liquid. It is odourless, clear, and volatile, and comes in a handheld inhaler. The brand name under which Methoxyflurane is sold is Penthrox. Precautions Before taking Methoxyflurane. There is no uniformity in the response individuals have towards medicines. Taking due precautions is necessary. Not all drugs suit everyone. Not all drugs are safe for everyone.  To get the best results with the treatment, it is crucial to discuss some things with your doctor before starting the treatment. Inform your doctor about your medical history and family medical history. Tell the doctors about all the medicines you take and any supplements you may be on. The doctor must be aware of any unwanted effects that may be caused due to drug-drug interaction.
Inform your doctor if you have any of the below-listed conditions.

•    Any allergic condition to any medicine
•    About pregnancy or breastfeeding.
•    If you have asthma or an airway infection.
•    Heart or blood vessel disease
•    Muscle weakness
•    Liver problems
•    Kidney disease
•    Any other medications you may be on
How to take Methoxyflurane?

Methoxyflurane belongs to a class of drugs called General Anaesthetics, Inhalations. 

Methoxyflurane is administered by inhalation (vapor, liquid). It is administered from a specific vaporizer that is designed for its use. 

A good ventilated area is necessary when using Methoxyflurane.

The Methoxyflurane (Penthrox) forms in 3mL in each bottle. 

The maximum dose is 6 mL/day. It is advised not be used on successive days.

The treatment course is maximum at a total dose of 15 ml per week. It should not exceed more than 6 ml every 48 hours. 

The treatment with Methoxyflurane should not be repeated for at least 3 months, from the first treatment. That means a minimum gap of 3 months is required before using Methoxyflurane again.

Efficient patient monitoring is required as sometimes the patient may develop increased blood loss. In an event of any side effects, consult the doctor immediately.

Side effects

Methoxyflurane may cause side effects. It is best to discuss any adverse effects you experience with your doctor. Seek medical help if the symptoms are severe or do not go away.

Common Methoxyflurane side-effects 

•    Anxiety
•    Headache
•    Sleepiness
•    Cough
•    Nausea
•    Dizziness
•    Hypertension
•    Skin rash
•    Cough
Severe or less common side effects of Methoxyflurane
•    Kidney problem
•    Liver problem
•    Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat
•    Red, swollen, blistered, peeling skin with and without fever
•    Wheezing
•    Unusual hoarseness, confusion
•    Weakness, dizziness, and light-headedness
•    Abnormal or fast heartbeat
•    The bluish skin colour of the lips, nails, fingers, toes
•    Vomiting 
•    Fever
•    Dark urine
•    Tiredness, loss of appetite
•    Abdominal pain, upset stomach

Each patient responds to Methoxyflurane differently, so monitor your side effects and be on the lookout for any anomalies. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek emergency medical attention from your doctor immediately.
How to know if Methoxyflurane is the correct drug for you?
They say some people are blessed with good genes.  That is very true; your inherited genes play a crucial role in your overall well-being. Genes decide the body's response to the medicines you take. Genes decide whether a drug is going to be effective or not. Sometimes you may experience immediate relief, and sometimes there is a no-response situation.  So, to have a better view and get the correct treatment, Indus Health Plus has the perfect solution for you in the form of a MEDNAwise Pharmacogenetic test.  A one-time test, the result serves as a ready reckoner to the doctor in all your future medical problems and emergencies. 

MEDNAwise test scans your genes and studies the response of your body towards 70+ drugs across all the varied medical specialties. It is extremely easy for doctors to prescribe the most effective medicine with the least side effects. The doctor can know if Methoxyflurane will be effective for you or not. So, it is a personalized treatment, that gives faster results. MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing eliminates the traditional hit-and-trial method, giving better patient response and outcome.  Usually, your doctor prescribes a drug and according to your response, the dose and the medicine are altered. With the MEDNAwise test, your doctor knows which drugs are best suited for you. 

MEDNAwise is a simple, direct-to-consumer test. It is an easy and quick swab test of saliva. No pricks and no blood. You can take the test from anywhere, even your house. Detailed results are delivered to you. You even get a free consultation from the counsellors after the test results. Anaesthesia is crucial for any medical procedure, and, with the correct anaesthesia, you can be sure of better treatments. 
With precision medicine and personalized treatments becoming the new future of healthcare, it is only wise to book your MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic test and secure your future. 


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