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How to know if Oral Contraceptives Are Safe For You?

In a densely populated country like India, birth control needs a special place. Birth control can be a way to have a better life for people at large. The awareness level of the need for contraceptives has indeed gone up in the recent past. Women in India are now choosing contraceptives from the many options available to have a safer experience. There are several ways by which birth control is possible. Surgery, hormonal ring, implants, or birth control pills are some of the methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills are one of the easiest and most common ways to prevent pregnancy. They offer a few other health benefits too. The pills are composed of hormones. They fall in the hormonal contraceptives category. Hormonal contraceptives are composed of synthetic female hormones. Either progesterone alone or a combination of both hormones’ estrogen and progesterone. The hormonal contraceptives may be taken orally, injected or inserted under the skin, placed on the skin as a patch, or placed in the vagina or uterus. 


 Oral contraceptives


Availability of the contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives come in the form of

· A Pill (oral)

· A Patch

· A Vaginal ring

· Intrauterine device

There are three types of oral contraceptive pills available.

· Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) that contain both estrogen and progestin

· Bioidentical Progesterone-only contraceptives (POPs) that contain only progestin

· Extended-use pills are also known as a continuous-use pills.

Hormonal contraceptives not only avoid pregnancy, but are beneficial to regulate periods, and control acne. They also reduce pain during periods, and decrease the symptoms of endometriosis and, polycystic ovary syndrome.

How do these contraceptives work?

Hormonal Contraceptives help in birth control, by changing the normal process of ovulation. They prevent the ovary from releasing the egg during ovulation. The pills modulate the natural hormone in the body. The mucus around the cervix is made sticky and thick, which prohibits the sperm from entering the uterus. Thus, the fertilization of the egg is not possible. Even if the egg is fertilized, the fertilized egg cannot be implanted due to the change in the lining of the womb. The lining cannot support the fertilized egg, thus inhibiting the pregnancy.

Dosage of the hormonal contraceptives

The dose differs for each patient. It is based on the requirement and overall health of the individual. This medicine should be taken under strict consultation with the doctor.

For contraception: (The oral form)

· Take this medicine orally. Swallow the tablet as a whole.

· It is recommended to take the medicine within the same time frame every day.

· Take one tablet a day for twenty-one days. Skip seven days. Then repeat the cycle.

· For a 28-day cycle, take a single tablet a day for twenty-eight days. Then repeat the cycle.

· Missed a dose? Take it as soon as possible, if it's time for the next dose, skip the missed one.

· Never take two doses at once to make up for a missed one.

How are oral contraceptives available?

Hormonal contraceptives are available as tablets, capsules, and pills. They are sold under the following popular brand names

· Levonorgestrel Tablets Actiza Pharmaceutical Private Limited

· Mifegest kit Zydus Cadila

· Ovral L Pfizer Ltd

· Saheli HII Lifecare Ltd

· Ovral G Pfizer Ltd

· Yasmin Bayer I- Pill Piramal

· Diane 35 Bayer

· Femilon Organon India

· Noveheal Healing Pharma

· Nowill Zee laboratories

· Pregafree Caventis Pharma Pvt Ltd

· Gladmi kit Gladfem

Are contraceptives safe?

Hormonal contraceptives are medicines, and all medicines have side effects. For the patients using these medicines, there were very few side effects reported. Most side effects are mild and tend to fade away over time. In case, you find any side effects severe or not normal, talk to your doctor at the earliest.

Before taking any medicines there are certain precautions you must take.

Inform your doctor about your allergies and medical history. The doctor should be made aware of any family history of diseases like cardiac disorders and cancer. Tell the doctor if you have a migraine with aura, uncontrolled high BP, liver disease, or kidney disorders. Inform about any skin issues you may have. Let the doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Like any other drug, hormonal contraceptives may cause some side effects in some individuals.

The common side effects include:

· Nausea

· Sore or swollen breasts

· Spotting or a small amount of blood in between periods

· Lighter periods

· Mood changes

· Mild headache

· Breast pain

· Lower belly pain

Severe side effects are rare and can occur in some individuals. It can be life-threatening. If you experience these symptoms after taking hormonal contraceptives, immediately seek medical assistance and consult your doctor.

Some severe side effects may include the following:

· Blood clots

· Any stomach discomfort or signs of the Gallbladder disease

· Heart pain and uneasiness or signs of heart attack

· High blood pressure

· Impairment of the Liver or chances of liver cancer

· Signs of stroke

How to know if hormonal contraceptives are safe for you?

Each individual is different and possesses a unique set of genes. Genes are the dominant factors that determine the reaction to any medicine you take. So, each person responds differently to the same medicine. Pharmacogenetic testing like the MEDNAwise test enables you to know the reaction your body will have towards the drug. The advantages of the MEDNAWise test are that you can instantly know if a certain medicine is effective for you. You can know the best dosage for you, and you can also know the adverse effects medicines may cause. The doctor can prescribe the most effective medicine with the least side effect for you. MEDNAwise test studies your genes and can predict the response to 70+ drugs. It can help the doctor provide the best treatment according to your genetic profile. It can also tell you if hormonal contraceptives are safe for you. You can decide the best contraceptive for you. MEDNAwise is an easy spit swab test. You can take it yourself from your homes and send the sample for testing. It is truly a beginning towards a healthier you. The journey to wellness starts with a single step. Take that step with the MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing. Book your MEDNAwise test today!

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