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Hepatitis? Is Peginterferon alfa-2a the Drug For You?

Millions worldwide are affected by Hepatitis. Hepatitis is a disease associated with the liver. It is a condition that causes inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis can be caused due to several factors like alcohol consumption, co-morbidities, and medical conditions and the common cause is a viral infection. There are five types of Hepatitis namely, hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Contaminated food and water cause Hepatitis A and E. contaminated blood can spread Hepatitis B (Hepatitis B is transmitted sexually too).


Hepatitis D strikes only in those infected with Hepatitis B. If the hepatitis is cured within six months it is called acute. If it takes longer, it gets classified as chronic. Chronic conditions of hepatitis B and C may not show any symptoms until the function of the liver is worsened. Common symptoms include fatigue, flu-like symptoms, dark urine, pale stool, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, and yellow skin and eyes. Both Hepatitis B and C can be treated with antiviral medications.

Understanding Peginterferon alfa 2 A

Peginterferon alfa-2a is an antiviral medicine that is effective for the treatment of Hepatitis B and C. It is a type of recombinant human interferon used to foster the innate antiviral response in the treatment of hepatitis B and C viruses. This drug activates the JAK/STAT pathway by activating the human type 1 interferon receptors causing them to dimerize, thus increasing the expression of multiple genes responsible for the innate antiviral response.

Precautions for Peginterferon alfa 2A

· Before taking this medicine, discuss your entire medical history with your doctor. Tell him your family’s medical history. Discuss your allergies and tell your doctor if you are allergic to alfa interferons.

· Inform your doctor of all the medicines you take including supplements and herbal products.

· Let your doctor know if you have any cardiac disorder, liver disease, kidney disorder, or skin issues.

· Inform your doctor about any surgery to may have had.

· Let the doctor know if you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

· It is crucial to take this medicine under the strict consultation of a doctor. In case you missed any dose, it is advised to take it as soon as possible but avoid double doses.

· Never alter the doses without medical consultation

· Take regular health check-ups while using this medicine

How is Peginterferon alfa-2a available?

Peginterferon alfa-2a comes in liquid form. It has to be injected just below the skin. It comes with a prefilled syringe and an autoinjector. It is to be stored in a cold place like the refrigerator. It is popularly sold under the brand name PEGASYS.

How to take Peginterferon alfa-2a?

The drug can be administered in the form of an injection in the abdomen or thigh using a different site for each injection; avoid the navel and waistline skin area. Adults have single-dose prefilled syringes or vials. Children must use single-dose vials only. Consult your doctor before stopping the drug. The dose is usually only once a week, to be taken on the same day every week. Learn the proper way to administer the medicine by yourself. Do not alter the dosage without consulting with a doctor that might allow the virus to spread and difficult to treat. Never take double doses, even to make up for any missed doses. In the event, you happen to miss a dose, call your doctor for instructions.

Side effects of Peginterferon alfa-2a

Medicines help give the desired effect, but they also have some unwanted effects called adverse reactions or side effects. Not all side effects are severe and tend to get better with time. Some patients experience mild side effects, while some do not have any, while some have severe reactions. The genes of the individual decide the response the body would give. Like any other drug Peginterferon alfa-2a may cause some side effects in some individuals.

The common side effects are

· Black, tarry stools.

· discouragement.

· feeling sad or empty.

· lack of appetite.

· loss of interest or pleasure.

· tiredness.

· trouble concentrating.

· ulcers, sores, or white spots in the mouth.

Some of the Severe side effects may be as

· Pain while urination

· Numbness in arms and legs

· Vision changes

· Low blood cells count by feeling tired, having fever, cold hands, a breathing difficulty

· Worsening of the liver by symptoms like yellowing of skin and urine, loss of appetite

Call your doctor as soon as you feel any unpleasant effects or feel you are having any severe side effects. The doctor can change the medicine or the dose accordingly.

Is Peginterferon alfa-2a the drug for you?

Different drugs suit different individuals. A single drug may not work for the public at large. That is because each individual is different and possesses a unique set of genes. These genes are the deciding factors for many things in our bodies. They also decide your body’s response to the drugs you take.

So, what are your genes telling you?

How will your body respond to Peginterferon alfa-2a?

Well, MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing tells you exactly how your body will respond to Peginterferon alfa-2a and 70 other drugs. MEDNAwise tests your DNA to find out your body’s genetic response to several drugs across medical specialties. It also tells you about the associated side effects and toxicity of the drugs. It is perfect for the doctor to select the correct treatment for you, in the right dosages and with minimal side effects. It is an important diagnostic tool to personalize your treatment plans. Moreover, the results of the MEDNAwise test can be reused in the future for any of your medical needs and emergencies. MEDNAwise is a saliva test and you can take it yourself, at your home and send the samples for testing. It is that easy and very affordable. It is a way to empower yourself in your healthcare outcomes. The genetic counsellors help interpret the results and suggest future plans after the results.

With the correct medications and treatment, the diseases are cured faster and with the least adverse effects. MEDNAwise test is not only helpful for a particular disease and medicine but you can use it whenever a medical problem arises. It is crucial to know your body and take care of it. Take advantage of the precision test and personalize your treatment. Improve your life today! Call Indus Health Plus today and book your MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic test today!

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