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Are You in Pain? Is Celecoxib the Medicine For You?

Feeling pain in some parts of the body is a common issue most of us face daily. Being in pain is not a good sign. If the pain is disturbing your daily routine or is persistent over a long time, it is best to consult the doctor. Pain is a way to tell your nervous system that something may be wrong in that part of the body. It is an unpleasant feeling. A prick, a tingle, a sting, a burn, or an ache, could all be identified as pain. Pain may be sharp or dull. Pain can be intermittent (comes and goes at intervals) or constant.




You may experience pain in a particular part only, like the chest, abdomen, or back. In some cases, you may feel pain all over. Pain can be broadly classified as acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is sudden in most cases. It can be due to an injury, some disease, or inflammation. It often is diagnosed and treated. The body heals itself, and the pain disappears on its own. Sometimes; in the long run, it can turn into chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts a long time and can lead to many severe problems.

Pain in itself may not always be curable, but there are many ways to treat it. The cause and the type of pain help to determine the type of treatment. There are drug treatments, including pain relievers like NSAIDs and opiate (narcotic) analgesics. Sometimes, some non-drug treatments, like acupuncture, and physical therapy are found to be beneficial.

Understanding Celecoxib

Celecoxib is one of the medicines that is used to relieve pain. Celecoxib is called a COX-2 inhibitor and belongs to the NSAIDs class of medicines. It works by stopping the body’s production of a specific matter that causes pain and inflammation.

Celecoxib is known to treat pain and reduce it. It can be beneficial for the following  

•    Osteoarthritis. A type of arthritis caused by a breakdown of the lining of the joints. It helps reduce swelling and tenderness.
•    Rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis caused by swelling of the lining of the joints)
•    Ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis that mainly affects the spine)
•    Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which affects children of 2 years of age and older
•    To treat painful menstrual period
•    To relieve short-term pain, that lasts for a limited time, like the one caused by injuries, surgery, or pain induced by a dental procedure.  
•    Celecoxib can be combined with other medicines and treatments to provide relief in cases of abnormal growth (polyps) found in the colon or the large intestine. It helps reduce polyps.

Precautions to be taken before taking Celecoxib

Before taking any medications, it is crucial to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking the medicine. It is crucial to inform the doctor about any medicines you take, your family history, and allergies you may have.
Inform the doctor of any pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.
The risk with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (other than aspirin) such as celecoxib is that the patients are at a greater risk of having a heart attack, or a stroke.

How to take Celecoxib?

Celecoxib is to be taken orally. It is found in the capsule form and has to be taken by mouth. As suggested by the doctor, it has to be taken once or twice a day. You can take it with or without food if the dosage is up to 200 milligrams (mg) at a single time. Follow the instructions of your doctor.

Dosing and dosage of Celecoxib

The dosage varies from person to person. The dosage is different for different patients. Follow your doctor’s orders strictly. Your doctor can alter your dose as toleration levels and as per the need.

For oral dosage form (capsules)

For acute pain or pain during menstruation:

•    Adults: Initial dose is 400 milligrams (mg). A second dose of 200 mg on the first day itself (if needed). Then, 200 mg twice a day.
•    Children: As suggested by your doctor.

For ankylosing spondylitis or osteoarthritis:

•    Adults: 200 milligrams (mg) once a day or 100 mg twice a day.
•    Children: As recommended by your doctor.

For rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis:

•    Adults: The dose varies from 100 to 200 milligrams (mg) twice a day.
•    For children two years and older and weighing more than 25 kilograms (kg) it is usually 100 milligrams (mg) twice a day.
•    For children weighing less than 25 kilograms (kg); but of age two years and older, the dose is 50 milligrams (mg) twice a day.
•    For children below two years of age, the doctor decides the dose as per the requirement.

For oral dosage form (solution):

For acute migraine with or without aura:
•    Adults: 120 milligrams (mg) once a day.
•    Children: As told by your doctor.

How is Celecoxib available?

Celecoxib is available under popular brand names like:

•    Cobix by Cipla Ltd.
•    Revibra by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
•    Celact by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
•    J Flex by Veritaz Healthcare Ltd.
•    Celetop by Abbott.
•    Celib by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
•    Sionara. Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
•    Celebrex. Pfizer Ltd.

Adverse effects associated with Celecoxib

Almost all drugs have some unwanted side-effects along with the desired results. Although most of these unwanted effects, are mild, sometimes they may cause severe reactions. Consult your doctor in case you face any adverse reactions while taking Celecoxib.

Common Side Effects of Celecoxib

•    Gas or bloating
•    Sore throat
•    Cold symptoms
•    Constipation
•    Dizziness
•    Dysgeusia

Some side effects can be severe. If you experience any of the following symptoms or those listed call your doctor immediately or get emergency medical attention.

Severe Side effects

•    Unexplained weight gain
•    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
•    Swelling of the ankles, lower legs, or abdomen
•    Diarrhoea
•    Nausea
•    Excessive tiredness
•    Unusual bleeding or bruising
•    Itching
•    Lack of energy
•    Loss of appetite
•    Pain in the stomach, mostly on the upper right side.
•    Yellowing of the skin or eyes
•    Flu-like symptoms
•    Blisters
•    Fever
•    Rash
•    Hives
•    Swelling of body parts like feet, hands, or face
•    Hoarseness
•    Difficulty swallowing or breathing
•    Pale skin
•    Fast heartbeat
•    Cloudy urine or blood in the urine
•    Back pain
•    Difficult or painful urination
•    Frequent urination, especially at night

Symptoms of overdose may include the following

•    Lack of energy
•    Drowsiness
•    Nausea
•    Vomiting
•    Stomach pain
•    Vomiting with blood
•    Bloody or black, tarry stools
•    Loss of consciousness
•    Hives
•    Rash
•    Swelling of the body parts
•    Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Does Celecoxib suit you?

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