Has the Doctor Prescribed Rasburicase to You?

Cancer is a dreaded disease. It is a painful condition emotionally and physically; not only for the patient but, for their loved ones and caregivers. Different cancers lead to different problems.


The treatment of cancer is a prolonged one and takes place in stages. During the entire course of treatment, a lot of patients face metabolic abnormalities. These happen due to the fast break down and death of cancer cells. Patients with high tumour burdenlike those suffering from lymphomas and leukaemia are potentially more likely to face metabolic abnormalities. The metabolic abnormalities can be hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalaemia, hyperuricemia and/or hypocalcaemia, and renal dysfunction which is usually accompanied by tumour lysis syndrome. Out of all these metabolic abnormalities, hyperuricemia (a condition where the uric acid level is more than or equal to 8 mg/dL) is a trademark of tumour lysis syndrome.

The risen levels of uric acid in the blood can affect the functioning of several organs, especially the kidneys and the heart, brain, muscles, and gastrointestinal tract. In the process of cancer cells breaking down quickly in the body, the uric acid levels tend to rise faster than the speed at which the kidneys can remove them. That can be fatal for a patient. It is hence crucial to manage the levels in time.

The strategy to prevent this lethal condition is to first identify the risk factors and then take preventive action. The treatment options are hydration, sodium bicarbonate for alkalinization of urine, and drugs like allopurinol which only prevent uric acid formation and have no effect on the already present uric acid in the blood. One of the most effective treatments is the Rasburicase enzyme injection. It helps to effectively reduce uric acid levels, by clearing it from your blood.

Understanding Rasburicase

Rasburicase is an injection belonging to the recombinant urate oxidase enzyme. It helps to decrease elevated uric acid levels. Rasburicase breaks down uric acid so that the body can eliminate it. Rasburicase is given as an injection intravenously.

Dosage: Rasburicase is to be injected intravenously. The dose is 0.2 mg per kilogram (kg). It is given as a 30-minute IV infusion, once a day for a maximum of five days. Rasburicase needs to be injected slowly, as the needle must stay put in the place for up to 30 minutes.

Precautions Before taking Rasburicase

All drugs interact with the food you eat and the medicines you take. It is vital to inform your doctor of any allergies or problems you may have. Tell your doctor about your medical history and the drugs you take. Inform the doctor if you have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency to avoid any adverse reaction.

Inform your doctor if you have had any medical surgery.

Let the doctor know if you are breastfeeding, planning a family, or are pregnant. Before starting the treatment, your doctor may conduct certain tests to be sure that Rasburicase is safe for you. Never take any drug without consultation, it can be lethal for you.

How is Rasburicase available?

Rasburicase is available in powder form for injections. It comes in strengths of 0.5 milligrams (mg) and 7.5 milligrams (mg). It is a prescription-only medicine. Some popular brand names for Rasburicase are listed below

  Rasburnat (Natco Pharma Ltd)
  Rasby (Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
  Rascas (Sayre Therapeutics Pvt Ltd)
  Rasuric (Aureate Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
  Rasbelon (Celon Laboratories Ltd)

Adverse effects of Rasburicase

Patients may show some side effects of Rasburicase. Most of the side effects resolve on their own without medical intervention. You can discuss your side effects with your doctor in your appointments. However, get immediate help from your doctor if you feel the side effects are severe or you have an allergic reaction.

Some allergic reactions can be 

  Tightness in the chest
  Difficulty breathing
  Swelling in some body parts

Some common side effects of Rasburicase

  Nausea, vomiting
  Constipation, diarrhoeass, stomach pain
  Mouth sores, throat pain
  Joint pain,
  Swelling in some body parts like the hands, feet, or lower legs
  Pain, bruise, redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection site

Some severe side effects of Rasburicase

  Feeling tired and lethargic
  Fluttering in the chest
  Pounding of the heart
  Lips and skin turning blue
  A feeling of fainting or passing out

It is seen that any modification in the dosage of the drug or prolonged consumption of the same without medical attention can also lead to severe side effects. If you experience, any severe effects, contact the emergency medical services and talk to your doctor. It is crucial to take Rasburicase under the supervision of your doctor and with proper medical attention.

How to know if Rasburicase is suitable for you?

The MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing from Indus Health Plus is the perfect way to know if Rasburicase suits you. Pharmacogenetic testing is the new dawn of personalized precision medicine. It tests your specific body's response to various drugs. Your genes make you unique. These genes also determine the response your body would have to various drugs. MEDNAwise studies your genes and determines the response your genes will have to different drugs. With this, you can easily know the efficiency and effectiveness of drugs. With MEDNAwise you can know your body’s response to 70 + drugs across varied medical specialties.

MEDNawise also helps you know the adverse effects, or toxicity, a drug can have on you. Certain medicines like Rasburicase need a medical prescription to be taken and need to be taken for the  specified duration only. MEDNAwise tells you, your body’s suitability and the possibility of severe side effects of Rasburicase. That can help the doctor take an informed decision. Sometimes finding out the medicine which suits best for you and the right dose is a task for the doctor. MEDNAwise solves this problem as with the results, the doctor would exactly know the best drug for you. A drug with the most effective and the least adverse effects. You are empowered to get the best line of treatment. It is time-saving and provides the best health results.
MEDNAwise pharmacogenetic testing needs to be done only once. You can use the results again and again for any future medical needs too.

MEDNAWise is a simple saliva swab test, easy to do, and can be taken from anywhere. Indus Health Plus also has genetic counsellors who help you understand the results and chalk out a future course of action. An important diagnostic tool, MEDNAwise serves as a ready reckoner for doctors to take precise decisions about patient medications. Take advantage of this and book yourself for a MEDNAWise test. Call Indus Health Plus to know more! 

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