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Comprehensive Health Checkup Packages

Our lifestyle is centered today with irregular eating habits, unnecessary stress, sedentary lifestyle, long working hours, inadequate sleep and other unhealthy ways of living. All these unhygienic causes result in physical and psychological diseases, which are mainly triggered by our lifestyle. To detect these diseases at an early stage, comprehensive health checkup are suggested. Our very simple, low cost, customized and comprehensive health checkup packages are designed such that anyone and everyone from any age group can be benefitted by it.

Indus Health Plus is India's leading preventive healthcare company, providing health checkup packages less than market price. Choose the best complete medical health check up packages as per your age and gender and live a healthy life.

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Health Checkups for Men

As young boys and teenagers, we indulged into a lot of outdoor games such as cricket, football, tennis and so on. Those days, we had no tension of competition or of the stressful world around us. But as men when we started entering the real world, our playgrounds changed into our workplace and the sports equipments turned into new-aged gadgets. Now, our world revolves around more work, parties and less play or physical activities. With parties, we men tend to eat more junk food, consume alcohol and smoke. Plus responsibilities at work also make one sedentary. All these hazardous factors add to our chances of getting close to lifestyle disorders. In today’s competitive world, when everybody is working hard to earn lot of money, health and men's health check-ups are seldom taken seriously.

To not fall prey to the deadly outcomes of lifestyle and non-communicable diseases, avail our men's health checkup packages which are specifically designed keeping in mind your requirements.

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Full Body Checkup

Full Body Checkup Packages

It is a Complete and thorough full body checkup to know your health status in-and-out.

Master Health Checkup

Master Health Checkup Packages

This package is exclusive of CT-scan & sono-mammography tests designed keeping in mind the requirements of clients.

Essential Heart Checkup

Essential Heart Checkup

Traditionally heart diseases were found in the elderly. Due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, smoking, lack of exercise.

Fitness Checkup

Fitness Checkup Packages

Young generation is ignorant about health & are become to ill. Diseases need to be identified at early stages.

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