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About Us

About Us

In the year 2000, Indus Health Plus came into existence with a noble cause of preventing diseases by early detection and thereby curtailing the physical and emotional sufferings, which a full blown disease might bring in.

With a commitment to the cause and ethics to back, within a short span of 17 years, Indus Health Plus has emerged as a pioneer in providing preventive healthcare at an exceptionally affordable price.

The idea is to inculcate 'Prevention' as a habit. Indus propagates and adorns this cause.

Today, the fact that early prevention hugely trims down the cost that the late treatment incurs is well established among the people.

People living away from their families always remain worried about the health and wellness of their loved ones who are back at home. Indus extends its helping hand by sharing their concerns and resolving the preventive health care needs for them and their families.

By taking benefit of our comprehensive preventive health checkup packages, people living away from the home land can make sure the health concerns of their parents and dear ones in India are being carefully looked after, even in their absence.

Health Checkup Packages

Full Body Checkup Package

Full Body Checkup Package

Know your body 'in & out'

Master Health Checkup

customized full body checkup Package

Essential Heart Checkup

A closer look at your heart

Fitness Checkup Package

Basic tests for the young

Family Health Checkup Package

For a family of young & elderly

Diamond Couple Checkup

When age is catching up!

Gold Couple Checkup

A thorough health checkup!

Star Couple Checkup

For mature with a hectic lifestyle

Young Couple Checkup

For young & busy

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