Indus Comprehensive Lab Test Packages Safe

Indus Comprehensive Lab Test Packages

Indus Health Plus is bringing preventive healthcare to your home. Introducing 2 comprehensive laboratory health checkup packages. Maintaining your good health is essential to stay away from infections and illnesses. Regular health checkup is a part of maintaining good health. These lab tests are designed to analyze your current health status and help you plan your lifestyle and fitness.

You can order for free home sample collection, and get your reports delivered in your email, so that you can be safe at your home. Necessia covers important tests that are essential for all age groups, and Preventia has additional tests that are suitable for the age group of 30+. Make the right choice for your health!

Lab Test Packages

Essential Full Body Checkup Package

For All Age Groups
Includes 52 Tests

Indus Necessia covers important tests that are essential to assess your health and help you in managing your lifestyle in the ever changing environment.

Preventive Full Body Lab Checkup Package

Recommended for above 30 years of age
Includes 65 Tests

Indus Preventia completes your circle of prevention with important laboratory tests that assess your current health status and empower you to lead a healthier life by modifying your lifestyle.

One-stop-shop for All Your Preventive Healthcare Needs

Interaction with qualified doctors

  • Creating rapport between the doctor and you
  • Understanding present medical conditions
  • Updating family medical history
  • Recommendations for other family members considering family’s health history
  • Advice on suitability of the checkup package
  • What to look for/focus-on in the test findings
  • Resolution of any health related queries
  • Reviewing reports vis-à-vis pre-counselling information
  • Explaining the findings of the checkups and reports
  • Guidance as per telemedicine guidelines
  • Prescribing appropriate medicines as per telemedicine guidelines
  • Advicing diet and lifestyle modifications
  • Advicing additional tests as required along with timelines
  • Advice on further specialty referrals
  • Information on any signs/symptoms for monitoring
  • Resolution of any health related queries

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