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Preventive Health Checkups For Women

Well Woman Health Check Ups

As it is rightly said ‘a woman is the backbone of the family’. She manages both fronts; personal as well as professional with equal amount of energy, determination and vigor. Taking care of the family as well as managing the work in a company, women's list of responsibilities are never-ending. With all these demanding tasks; a woman is more prone to physical, mental, biological factors that may result into stressful and hazardous life thus making a

With all these multi-tasking, there are possibilities that she may ignore her most important responsibility of all; that is taking care of her own health. Our women's health checkup packages include all the basic to comprehensive tests that women of all age require to detect any onset of diseases.

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Full Body Checkup

Full Body Checkup Packages

It is a Complete and thorough full body checkup to know your health status in-and-out.

Master Health Checkup

Master Health Checkup Packages

This package is exclusive of CT-scan & sono-mammography tests designed keeping in mind the requirements of clients.

Essential Heart Checkup

Essential Heart Checkup

Traditionally heart diseases were found in the elderly. Due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, smoking, lack of exercise.

Fitness Checkup

Fitness Checkup Packages

Young generation is ignorant about health & are become to ill. Diseases need to be identified at early stages.

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