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Couple Health Check for Healthy Future

When a couple starts living together, it culminates into a beautiful relationship; a relationship that is filled with love and care. You look after each other's priorities, health and overall wellbeing. However in this competitive scenario, health sometimes is overlooked. You compromise on your eating and indulge in partying. Irregular eating habits, smoke and alcohol consumption and physical inactivity takes a toll on your and your partner’s health. To prevent diseases in future and lead a healthy life it is imperative to ensure you go for timely Couple Health Checkups.

Whether you are in your 20s or 80s, working in two different cities or together in the same city, staying with kids or staying apart; whatever is your status, we have the right Couple Health Checkup Package for just the two of you to remain healthy for years.

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Diamond Couple Checkup -

(1 Optima + 1 Optima)

Diamond Couple Checkup

Secure a carefree, healthy long life of your partner. This check-up package is inclusive of 2 full body checkups.

Gold Couple Checkup -

(1 Optima + 1 Prima)

Gold Couple Checkup

Under this package, you get a full body and master health checkup. This will assure you carefree heathy years together.

Star Couple Checkup -

(1 Superia + 1 Optima)

Star Couple Checkup

An important thing in any partnership is a healthy relationship. Safeguard your partner's health with this unique healthy option.

Young Couple Checkup -

(1 Essensia + 1 Superia)

Young Couple Checkup

This checkup package includes a fitness checkup and essential heart checkup especially designed for all unforeseen health risks.

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