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Indus Team

Kanchan Naikawadi

Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi

Director, Indus Health Plus

Dynamic, workaholic, innovator, taskmaster, humble, a total go-getter and an outstanding leader - that's what Kanchan is. She is an inspiration for all who dream big to achieve higher goals in life. Born on August 6, 1972 in Mumbai, Kanchan completed her schooling from The Blue Mountains, Ooty and graduated in Commerce from the Mumbai University. She never imagined her business acumen to be so strong that one day she would be one of the strongest pillar of a 100 crore company. As the Founder & Director-in-Charge of Operations, she covers everything that pillar departments of Indus do not! A person of exceptionally organized nature; revisiting and constantly..... improvising existing processes is her forte and precision her inherent nature.
Kanchan has bagged several international and national prestigious industry awards like Women Leadership and Innovation Awards 2014, Stevie Award for Women in Business, 2013 & 2012 (New York), IWEC (International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge) Award, 2012, Asia's Leading Women in Healthcare for Women In Leadership award and Leading Woman in Healthcare Award in 2011 to name a few.
Adventure and driving interests her most besides work.
To Indus she brings that gentle care and organized mind-set of a woman, which gets internalized within the company as a whole.


Amol Naikawadi

Mr. Amol Naikawadi

Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus

A CA by education, Mr. Amol Naikawadi has been instrumental in charting out Indus's story and its rapid expansion throughout India. He has piloted Indus successfully for more than a decade which itself is a testimony of his management skills and leadership. Indus continues to grow with its genuine product innovation, all thanks to Amol’s vision. Growth is at a healthy double digit year on year; a strong core management team is in place; rapidly expanding delivery centers are reaching out to more and more customers every day. The transition of Indus from a single service center to a multi-functional organization (more than 122 centers in 78 cities) is a testimony of his skills. Indus continues..... to grow under his guidance.
Born on 19th August 1976 and brought up in a small town, Amol did his schooling in a military school in Satara. Having pursued higher education in Commerce from MMCA Pune, Amol was keen to forge his own path ahead and was confident that the opportunity would present itself in due course of time. Chartered Accountancy honed his skills and he immediately plunged into the world of business, never to look back.
Sensitive to the needs of close friends and family, Indus Health Plus was started to educate people on the benefits of preventive health check-ups and save lives in the process. The effort was focused on ‘prevention’ and ‘early detection’. A two-fold vision to make preventive healthcare a way of life and to make quality healthcare ‘Accessible, available and affordable’, Amol dreams of bringing the concept of ‘high-end prevention’ to every corner of India.


Parnal Dekhane

Mr Parnal Dekhane

Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus

Shy and soft spoken, Parnal immediately impresses the observer with his humility. Parnal specializes in facts and figures. He is also a gifted orator who often vows his audience with his expertise on various subjects. An excellent music enthusiast who can play as many as 10 musical instruments, his systematic and extremely organized way of working is a benchmark for all to follow.Parnal firmly believes in motivating and training the foundation (the employees) so as to build a strong superstructure (the organization). His vision is what has ensured Indus to be established as one of the most..... credible providers of preventive healthcare nationally with a highly-motivated foundation of employees.


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