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Milestones of the last 18 years


  • An outreach to 80 lakh people
  • Over 6 lakh satisfied families have availed the checkup
  • More than 9 new tie-ups in different cities so far
  • 4 new add-on packages launched
  • Strategically growing presence in international boundaries


  • Over 8 new tie-ups in different cities so far
  • 6 lakh satisfied families availed checkup
  • Covered 78 cities in 17 state, 122 delivery partners


  • Over 8 new tie-ups in different cities so far
  • 5 lakh checkups done so far
  • Covered 65 cities in 17 state, 100 delivery partners


  • Over 8 new tie-ups in different cities so far (Delhi, Chennai, Mangalore, Kalyan, Surat, Ratnagiri, Nanded, Colaba).
  • 4.5 lakh checkups done so far
  • Covered 40 cities in 14 state, 90 delivery partner centers


  • Over 11 new tie-ups in different cities across India (Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Mysore, Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Baroda, Bhavnagar and Korba)
  • Revamped old packages. Introduced new tests
  • 3.75 lakh checkups done


  • Successfully carried out 200 CT Angiography tests in a single day at 48 centres across 26 cities..
  • Forged new tie-ups with delivery partners in Gujarat.
  • Forged new tie-ups with delivery partners in Madhya Pradesh.
  • More than 3.5-lakh satisfied clients till date.


  • Indus customer base grew to a staggering 2.60 lakh people
  • Expanded reach with 36 centres in 14 cities across India.
  • Tied up with new centres in the cities of Nagar, Nasik and Delhi.
  • Inaugurated a plush new office in Mumbai.
  • Awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality.,
  • Successfully carried out 200 CT Angiograph


  • Indus facilities made available at 8 locations through various renowned delivery partners across Mumbai.
  • Opened branch offices in Nasik and Goa.
  • Set up 'Exclusive Call Center' in a bigger premise at Pune.
  • Crossed the 2-lakh customers' milestone.
  • Office space for Head Office increased to 15,000 sq.ft, with a total employee strength of 225 across all locations.


  • Indus facilities made available at all Sahyadri locations across Pune, Navi Mumbai and Karad.
  • Opened North Regional office at Delhi and partnered with a leading hospital at Delhi.
  • Spread operations in Latur & Jalgaon through delivery partner tie-ups.


  • Introduced 2 more packages- Essential Care Health Checkup Package (EsCP) and Exclusive Health Checkup Package (EHC).
  • Forged tie-ups with delivery partner at Nagpur and opened its branch office at Nagpur.
  • Forged tie-ups with delivery partners in Solapur, Ahmednagar & Goa.


  • Crossed the 1 lakh customers' mark till on 7th Anniversary of Indus.
  • Opened branch office at Mumbai.


  • Launched Indus Healthfriend Cards.
  • Forged tie-up with 1st delivery partner outside Pune, at Mumbai.


  • Awarded the prestigious ISO certification.
  • Launched high-end packages on the occasion of the 4th Anniversary.
  • Shifted office premise to a larger area of 11,000 sq.ft.


  • Indus Health Plus started with 8 office staff members in Pune in a 3000 sq. ft. premise at Eden Hall, dedicated to only one center - Holistic Diagnostic Center offering 1 preventive healthcare package.

Health Checkup Packages

Full Body Checkup Package

Full Body Checkup Package

Know your body 'in & out'

Master Health Checkup

customized full body checkup Package

Essential Heart Checkup

A closer look at your heart

Fitness Checkup Package

Basic tests for the young

Family Health Checkup Package

For a family of young & elderly

Diamond Couple Checkup

When age is catching up!

Gold Couple Checkup

A thorough health checkup!

Star Couple Checkup

For mature with a hectic lifestyle

Young Couple Checkup

For young & busy

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