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Leading Preventive Health Checkup Company

Indus Health Plus facilitates high-end preventive health checkups at affordable prices across India.

A 2005 report of the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health states that “Prevention of diseases, particularly non-communicable diseases (lifestyle diseases) that are expensive to treat, is the most cost-effective strategy for a country facing scarce resources.”

Established in the year 2000, Indus was the first in the preventive healthcare category to popularize the use of CT scanning technology across a wider demography. Up to 70% of the checkups depend upon the above mentioned technology, which detects the presence of lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases (heart related diseases) in a non-invasive manner.

Indus through its delivery partners in 17 states in 78 cities across more than 122 delivery partners has reached out to about 80 lakh families, with more than 6 Lac people availing the checkups.

With the growing incidence of lifestyle diseases in India, a timely checkup not only saves an individual from premature death or disability, it effectively saves their families from trauma and financial distress. In that context Indus manages to carry out 65 CT technology based checkups in a single day and in the process saves hundreds of people from mental and economic catastrophe.

By driving the cause of prevention, Indus is creating a successful framework for the government to effectively tackle the burden of non-communicable diseases, and in turn help in reducing the future burden on India’s already weak health infrastructure.

Keeping in mind the fact that millions of people go below the poverty because of catastrophic out-of-pocket expenditures on healthcare, Indus provides “Health Friend” cards to take care of the medical and hospitalization expenses.


An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Indus Health Plus is determined to live up to its motto of making quality healthcare ‘Available, Accessible and Affordable’ each and every day. In order to carry home the message of prevention to every Indian, Indus has been forging partnerships with the leading industry associates. Memberships in some of the prestigious industry bodies include -

  • Member, FICCI Health Services Committee
  • Member, ASSOCHAM - NCD Screening Committee
  • Member, ASSOCHAM - National Rural Develoliment Committee
  • Member, CII Health Services Committee
  • Member, NASSCOM
  • Member, IMC
  • Member, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

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