Screening Tests for Women

Women are known multitaskers and they mange home & work effortlessly. Amidst all the responsibilities of home, kids and work, they often tend to neglect their own health. Women have to become proactive about their own needs and focus on their medical & healthcare needs.

Screening Tests for Women

Below is a list of few important screening tests every woman should take keeping in mind her age, family history, own health history and her other risk factors.

Breast Cancer Screening

  • Clinical Breast Examination: Ideally done by a gynaecologist, it needs to be repeated every 2-3 years for women who are in their 30s and annually for women 40 & above.
  • Mammogram: This is low dose x-ray test done to detect & detect small and early stage breast cancers. It should be done an interval of every 1-2 years, starting at the age of 50 but high risk cases (with family history, late pregnancy, smoking etc) can begin testing in their 40s as well.

Colon Cancer Screening

  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy: A flexible sigmoidoscopy can be repeated after every 5 to 10 years. A simple colonoscopy can be done in every 10 years unless a problem is found in previous test. For women, colon cancer screening generally begins at the age of 50.

Cervical Cancer Screening

  • Pap Smear: Cervical cancer is majorly caused by HPV (human papilloma virus), which is a sexually transmitted infection. This test detects abnormal cells in the cervix, so that they can be removed even before they turn cancerous. Women of 21-30 years (or earlier if sexually active) should do it in every 3 years. Post 30, they may combine it with HPV test, every 5 years.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Screening

  • All sexually active women must get themselves and their partners checked for HIV and other STDs before getting into sexual activity. Once a year, they must also get a pelvic exam done by a gynaecologist.

Cholesterol Check

  • Lipid Profile: Women should get a complete lipid profile (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, VLDL) done at least once in 5 years. They should begin early, if they smoke, have high blood pressure, are obese, diabetes or a family history of any heart disease.

Bone Density Check

Post menopause, women begin to lose bone mass. Due to loss of calcium, their bones become week and prone to fracture.

  • BMD: Bone Mineral Densitometry (DXA scan) is an x-ray done to measures bone strength and detects osteoporosis (porous bones) before fractures begins to occur. This should be done at least once a year beginning at age 58 and earlier depending on other risk factors for osteoporosis.

Type 2 Diabetes Screening

  • Fasting Blood Sugar: A blood sugar testing after 10-12 hours of fasting is advised at least once in 2 years after 30 years of age. Women falling in high risk category (obese, sedentary or with family history of diabetes) should do it once a year after 40.
  • HbA1C: Every 3 years for non-diabetic, otherwise healthy females who carry low risk factors for diabetes.

Screening for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure should be checked every 2 years starting at the age of 25. Above 40, it’s recommended to check blood pressure more often.

Staying healthy takes some time and effort. Getting appropriate regular examinations and screening tests is a part of this effort. Such screenings offer details about the overall health and detailed analysis of your body. Through such regular tests, you can detect serious health problems in their early stages when they are still treatable. For women, full body checkup package by Indus Health Plus is the best way to get the complete body and health analysis. If you have any doubt, connect with us by filling the form given below.

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  • List of Preventive Health Checkup & Tests

    List of Preventive Health Checkup & Tests

    No matter what age group you are a part of, regular preventive health tests are essential for each one of us. The tests may differ from gender to gender. A health checkup for a senior citizen would be very different from those living in their 30s or 40s.

  • Screening Tests in Details

    Screening Tests in Details

    Sonomammography, audiometry, transvaginal sonography - Does these test names sound like an alien’s code language? Well, we agree that they might as these are hardcore medical terminologies used for various tests.

    For you, we have simplified the tests and consultations that you will come across in our health packages in a non-medico’s language and placed them under various categories.

    Read on!

  • ECG or Electrocardiogram Test

    ECG or Electrocardiogram Test

    Do you want to measure the electrical activity of your heart or heart rate?

    Do you wish to detect heart attack?

    Do you wish to investigate the cause of your chest pains?

  • 2D Echocardiography or 2D Echo for Heart

    2D Echocardiography or 2D Echo for Heart

    The heart in your body pumps blood and the vascular system takes it to all the organs. Together they form the cardiovascular system. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutritious diet and regular exercise is much needed to keep your heart healthy, more so, as age progresses. Keeping a check on your heart’s health at regular intervals is also imperative to prevent its dysfunctioning. Being consistent with your health checkups can help you in leading a happy & healthy life and thereby preventing major sudden-medical costs and trauma.

  • CT Angiography of Heart

    CT Angiography of Heart

    A computerized tomography coronary angiogram or CT angiography of heart is an imaging test that looks into the arteries that supply heart with blood. Although CT coronary angiography checks heart for various conditions but primarily it is used to look for nay narrowed arteries or blockages in the heart (coronary artery disease).

  • Cardiac CT Scan for Calcium Scoring

    Cardiac CT Scan for Calcium Scoring

    A cardiac CT scan for coronary calcium is a non-invasive way of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries.

    Why it is done?

    Cardiac CT scan for calcium scoring is done to determine if any coronary artery disease is present and if it is then to what extent? It is a screening study recommended for patients who are at risk for coronary artery disease but do not have any clinical symptoms.

  • Screening Tests for Women - When and Why?

    Screening Tests for Women - When and Why?

    Being proactive about your own health is the need of hour in this busy life. Women should take charge of their own medical needs and visit healthcare providers for their preventive health screenings regularly.

  • Pap Smear Test

    Pap Smear Test

    The Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. Cervix is the lower part of the uterus which opens into the vagina. Sometimes due to an HPV infection, the virus reaches cervix by sexual encounter and changes in cells of cervix begins to occur, which may lead to cervical cancer in due course.

  • Sonomammography


    Sonomammography (Ultrasound of Breast)

    Sonomammography or breast ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure performed to assess the breasts and the blood flow to areas inside it. This test allows quick visualization of the breast tissue. The examination is often done along with mammography (x-ray of breast tissue) to study a mass or lump.

  • PSA Test For Prostate Cancer

    PSA Test For Prostate Cancer

    PSA (Prostate Specific Test) for Men

    What is a PSA test?

    This test measures the level of PSA (a protein produced by the prostate gland) in blood. If a man has a higher PSA level, there is increased likelihood of him having prostate cancer.

    However, there are several other reasons for having an increased PSA level. Some men, who actually have prostate cancer, may not have an elevated PSA.

  • Important Tests for Health

    Important Tests for Health

    Health Tests

    To bear the expenses of suddenly arisen diseases and to be able to give right treatment at the right time to the family members one takes Health Insurance and sleeps coolly. Of course, there should be financial insurance but what about the loss of health? How to bear the loss of health? It cannot be overcome by any way. The best policy is to work in the direction of not to acquire the disease at all. To stop the diseases from occurring and if they occur to immediately treat them at the first stage can be done only if one follows the preventive health checkup regularly. What is needed is the information about the tests and our decisive action. So let us find out about these tests -

  • Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Test

    Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Test

    With the advancements in medical science, there are many path-breaking and miraculous diagnostic techniques. One such technique is the Computed Tomography (CT) Scan. For an instance, what is the CT scan cost and MRI cost, when would a physician advise X-ray, CT scan or an MRI, or what the difference between CT scan and MRI is and I’m sure you have many more questions. Please read further and debunk your myths and learn about the actual facts about this.

  • Liver Function Tests

    Liver Function Tests

    Liver function tests are a group of tests conducted in blood that help in diagnosing liver disorders and to detect inflammation and damage to the liver. LFT also check how well the liver is functioning. The tests measure the levels of certain enzymes and proteins in the blood.

  • Ladies! Let's Talk Pap Smear

    Ladies! Let's Talk Pap Smear

    Pap smear test explained

    You are highly mistaken if you think cervical cancer and Pap smear are terms more relevant to older females. Woman above 21 years of age should start screening for cervical cancer by getting Pap smear test done periodically.

    A Pap smear test is a simple procedure to check the condition of cells of the cervix (the lower narrower part of the uterus which opens into the vagina). This test detects any infection, presence of abnormal precancerous cells and helps in the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

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