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Help and FAQ

What is a preventive health package?

Today's lifestyle causes long-term harm to an individual's health. The aim of all Indus Preventive Health Checkups is to protect good health, facilitate early diagnosis and prevent future ailments. It is a much better option than treating diseases at a later stage.

Help and FAQ

Who is eligible for the preventive health checkups?

Any individual, 19 years and above can avail the preventive health checkup.

How should I take the appointment for a checkup

The appointment details format is included in the sale form. You need to fill the appointment details in all respects for us to allocate an appointment date. If the dates mentioned by you are not available, we will allocate the earliest available date.

Can I prepone or postpone the checkup appointment?

Yes, you can prepone or postpone the appointment as per your convenience. However, any preponements / postponements are subject to availability of dates. Alternatively, the appointment can be kept on waiting for the desired dates and you will be informed a day before it is available.

What is the process of beneficiary change?

To change the checkup beneficiary, you need to fill the beneficiary change form available office. Ideally one should submit the request at least two days before the checkup date to update it in the system and avoid confusion. The sign of Customer Distributor / Customer on the beneficiary change form should match with the one on the sale form.

Following deails should be mentioned in the beneficiary form:

What is a discount coupon?

With the purchase of every Indus Health Plus Preventive Health checkup, you are entitled for a preventive checkup discount coupon applicable only for senior citizens (age 60 and above). Senior citizens can avail the benefits of the check-up at a highly discounted rate as mentioned on the discount coupon.

What is the process of redeeming the discount coupon facility?

To redeem the discount coupon, the senior citizen has to make a payment of the balance amount(after deducting the discount as mentioned on the coupon) at the Indus office. Along with the original discount coupon, age proof also has to be submitted for an appointment.

Can I upgrade my health checkup package after buying it?

Yes. You can upgrade your checkup packages to another one of higher value. This should be done before you avail the checkup on the existing package. For this, you need to make a payment to the upgrading fee at the Indus office and reschedule a new appointment for your upgraded checkup package.

When do I report for the checkup?

You are expected to report for the checkup as communicated by the Customer Care Executive during the checkup instruction call. Any delay in reporting may result in either cancellation or further delay in completion of the checkup.

Do I have to take any earlier medical reports to the centre?

Yes, you need to carry all your documents such as previous medical reports, prescription of the medicines which you take regularly, etc to the center. Please inform the Doctor about these at the time of pre-counselling/final consultation.

Do I have to carry anything else when I go for the checkup?

Yes, do carry a water bottel and a bag to carry your valuables. Also, it is advise not to wear or carry any expensive items such as jewellery as you will be asked to remove them during your tests. Please note that you will be responsible for your own belongings.

Can I have breakfast in the morning or do I have to report with an empty stomach?

For EsCP Package: You can have a cup of tea and few biscuits in the morning and report for the checkup.

For ECP / EHC / ECHC Package: A 12 hour fasting is required till the time you report for checkup, However, you can drink plenty of water during the fasting period.

What happens if I do not report for the checkup on the confirmed date?

Since you had confirmed the checkup appointment and accepted the instructions, we might have denied the request of another client for checkup. Hence it is necessary for you to keep the check-up date, unless in case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances.

Is the service and delivery of the health package equivalent at all checkup centres?

Indus puts in its best effort to ensure equivalence in service and delivery of the checkup. However there are various factors which affect the delivery of the product due to different delivery partners, and some variation is likely.

Can there be any operational problems resulting into delay at the centre?

Yes, the chances of problems are evident in all services and we are no exception to it. Mechanical / system / technical problems do come up without any previous signs thereby causing unavoidable delays. Clients are expected to co-operate in such instances.

What is the time required for the checkup?

The checkup time depends on various factors such as package, gender, age, medical restrictions, location of the centre, consultants and doctors offering their services etc. However the checkups are normally completed in a single day. Some tests may be done after a break or even before counselling. You are therefore requested to keep the entire checkup day free.

Can the checkup packages be split between two or more people?

No, the checkup packages cannot be split, except for CT tests which can be transferred as approved by the client.

Whom should I contact in case of any query during the checkup?

For any queries that may arise during your tests, please feel free to approach the Indus Client Servicing Executive.

Health Friend

What is the eligibility for acquiring/possessing these Cards?

For a Silver Card, you need to be an Indusite, who has purchased a preventive health checkup package. For a Gold Card, you need to be an Indusite, who not only has renewed his/her membership at least once, but also is an existing valid/active member of INDUS.

Does everyone in my family require one Card each?

NO, one Card suffices for you and your family, consisting of you, your spouse, children, your parents and your spouse parents.

Am I entitled to discounts on purchase of drugs from the pharmacy at the INDUS Healthcare Delivery Centers?

YES, Please be advised, in exceptional conditions, on some of the drugs and items you purchase from the Pharmacy, the discount may be lower or may not be available. This may be only an exception, bear with us, since due to some changes in government rules, trade practices, manufacturer pricing policies, taxation changes and / or for reasons beyond our control, we may constrained to do this.

Can anyone use the Card? Is there any age restriction for using the Card or availing the service?

Yes, all your defined family members can use this card. Please remember they have to physically present the Card at the time of availing of the services, and also comply with the formalities of filling up a separate form and / or any other formality as required by INDUS. NO, There is no age restriction, all persons who need healthcare, irrespective of age can use this card and avail of the discounts. However, please note that we will constantly monitor the usage of the card and take strict action in terms of cancelling the card and/or lodging a complaint with the law enforcement authorities, if the card is misused or used fraudulently or with intent to cheat or defraud.

Can I use the Card the moment I get it?

You can start using the Sliver Card as soon as you get it.

How do I get to know the normal rate for the services, the discount amount I am entitled to and the net amount I need to pay on the services I require?

You have two options: Contact any of the INDUS Healthcare delivery center for your queries pertaining to that particular center only Contact INDUS Healthfriend Help line on 020-66472500 for the required information of all INDUS Healthcare delivery centers

  • Full name of the new beneficiary
  • Age of the beneficiary
  • Contact number and complete address of the beneficiary

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