Preventive Health Check-up Packages

With advancement in medical science, diagnosing risk factor of a disease at a latent stage is possible, allowing people to live life with quality. Preventive health checkup helps to prevent a disease, narrowing morbidity and mortality in future.

Preventive Health Check-up Packages

There are various health checkup packages such as full body checkup, master health checkup, complete health checkup, regular heart check-up and more.

Important Tests includes in Preventive Health Checkups:

Below some important checkups, screening, tests and their frequencies are customised based on the age, sex and family history.

  • Heart Status Indicators :

    2D Echo, ECG, Chest X-ray, CT Calcium Scoring, Coronary Angiography
  • Diabetes Marker:

    Blood Sugar (Fasting & PP)
  • Cancer Markers:

    Pap Smear/TVS (For women above 40 yrs.), Sono-mammography (Ultra Sonography of Breast for women above 30 yrs.)/ PSA (for men above 45 yrs.)
  • Liver:

    SGPT, SGOT, Serum Bilirubin
  • Kidney:

    S. Creatinine, Blood Urea
  • Lipid Profile:

    Cholesterol, HDL,LDL
  • Abdominal:

    Ultrasound of Abdomen

And numbers of more other tests are included in health check-up.

Benefits of Preventive Health Checkup:

  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Helps early detection of diseases & possible to diagnose at early stage
  • Helps to know health score and heart status
  • Cuts medical or treatment bill
  • Save tax upto INR 5000/- under section 80 (D)

Preventive health checkup and corporate wellness

As per reports, nearly 42.5% of corporate employees suffer lifestyle related diseases. Corporate life is employee have to survive competitive work atmosphere, building pressure on health, leading to lifestyle related diseases.

This growing susceptibility of employee to diseases is affecting organisation work; hence so far alien concept of Corporate Health Checkup is fast attracting Indian corporate. A Standard executive wellness program is intended to know potential health risk factors, diagnosis and eliminate those risk factors to promote overall wellness of employee.

Employee wellness programs like an annual health check up and pre-employment health checkup is geared to create positive work environment along with satisfaction for employee.

For an organization, the health and physical fitness of its employees is a crucial part for employment, which must not be ignored.

Healthy body breeds a happy life. Get preventive health checkup done to know the health risks, if any. Timely investment in health screening is important to diagnose early risk factor for an illness.

We at Indus Health Plus, provide you with a quality medical service along with customised preventive health checkup packages to meet your needs.

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