Heart Attack Symptoms

A dozen symptoms not to be ignored. See red when you experience the following symptoms, which signal a heart trouble.


Restlessness, anxiety and ghabrahat' - that's what most subjects of heart attack present with. Heart attack survivors often experience a sense of "impending doom" before the event happened.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Chest discomfort

Pain in the chest area is one of the classic symptoms of heart attack. But interestingly not all heart attacks cause chest pain, and on the other hand chest pain can happen from conditions that have nothing to do with the heart.

A heart-related chest pain is often felt under the breastbone, a little to the left of centre (remember, contrary to the popular belief, heart is not situated on the exact left side of the chest, rather it is located in the middle of chest, its apex more on the left side) .

More than pain it is a pressure, squeezing or fullness kind of a feeling in that area.


Relentless coughing and wheezing can be a symptom of heart failure due to fluid accumulation in the lungs. Sometimes people with heart failure cough up blood in phlegm (sputum).


Heart attacks can cause dizziness, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness.  


Unusual fatigue can be experienced prior to an attack, especially in women. Feeling tired all the time can be a symptom of heart failure, though it can also result because of several other reasons.

Nausea or lack of appetite

Feel sick to their stomach or throw up during a heart attack is quite commonly observed.

Radiating pain in other parts of the body

Many a times during an attack, the pain begins in the chest and spreads towards shoulders, arms, back, neck, jaw or abdomen. Men often feel pain in the left arm while women are more likely to experience it in both arms.

Rapid or irregular pulse rate

Skipping a beat here and there is not worrisome but a regularly irregular or rapid pulse, accompanied by weakness, dizziness or shortness of breath can be an evidence of a heart attack, heart failure or arrhythmia.

Even if irregularity in heart rate doesn't feature as a heart attack, still it needs medical attention as it can be a cause of other heart ailments.

Shortness of breath

Breathlessness in combination of other symptoms could also indicate a heart attack or heart failure.


Breaking out in cold sweat is a familiar symptom of heart attack. Simply sitting on a chair and suddenly one may seem like he has been working out in a gym. Heavy sweating for no apparent reason can be a sign of heart attack.


Heart failure can cause retention and accumulation of fluid in the body. This can cause swelling mostly in the feet, ankles, and legs.


Some people may experience extreme and unexplained weakness.

So next time you or someone around you seem to experience similar symptoms, DO NOT take it lightly, ignore or try not to treat them with home remedies.

Seek medical help!

The heart is one of the most precious organs in the body, and utmost care should be taken to keep it healthy as the healthy heart keeps the body healthy. A heart attack is perhaps the most severe health condition and hence, there should be enough awareness. You should know its symptoms to avoid that. You can prevent any time of heart ailment with the help of the essential heart checkup by Indus Health Plus.

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