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Genetic testing is a powerful tool to stop cancer before it starts

1st January, 1970

Genetic testing is a powerful tool to stop cancer before it starts

Genetic testing is a powerful tool to stop cancer before it starts. Genetic testing helps us know the tendency towards a particular disease or health condition based on a person's DNA. Everyone has a unique DNA, and this identifies each individual's uniqueness. Genetic testing provides information about our ethnic roots and ancestry and the risk of developing various complex health conditions. Genetic testing has been advanced to the point that it lets us know what food best suits us, which exercises can help us gain or lose weight, which drugs suit us, etc. Genetic testing is also helping us take preventive measures in case we detect any kind of disease, so that unavoidable circumstances can be avoided and early treatment can be taken. With this, we can personalise our diet and nutrition plan and include them in our routine lives. There are different types of genetic testing kits available, along with a variety of parameters. We can choose one as per our requirements, and the process is simple: a sample is collected, reports are generated within a few weeks, and later a genetic counselling session is held.
Cancer is a serious illness that causes shock and huge expenses for the family. Prior knowledge about genetic risk for certain cancers may help design a focused screening strategy. This facilitates prevention and early detection of disease. Plus, it can reduce the emotional and financial stress associated with cancer. Increased awareness and education about early detection can effectively contribute to preventing the incidence of cancer. Hence Genetic testing has been highly beneficial. Genetic testing completes the circle of prevention beautifully.

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  • Genetic testing is a powerful tool to stop cancer before it starts

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