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Comprehensive Health Checkup

It’s your birthday.  Your birthday bash is over, and now it’s time for gifts.  With several other regular and favorite gifts, you get a comprehensive health checkup package. What will be your reaction?  

Comprehensive Health Checkup

Will it bring a smile to your face or concerns in your mind?  Will you appreciate a well-thought gift?  Well, most of us only see a doctor when things take a serious turn, isn’t it? There are over a thousand reasons to see a doctor and more than a thousand excuses to avoid it.  

We can buy many things - a dream vacation, a special edition watch, a luxurious car, jewelry items, expensive mobiles, etc.  But isn’t it a great idea to invest in your health?  Good health plays a crucial role in the well-being of one’s life.  But is developing and maintaining good habits such as eating healthy, going for a walk, exercising, stress relievers like yoga and music, swimming, and avoiding junk food adequate to maintain good health? 

Whether it is a vaccination shot, a dental appointment, or nagging knee pain/backache, most of us keep trying home remedies or over-the-counter medications and hope that they will cure on their own.  It is well said that “Health is not valued until you fall sick.”  Most of us approach experts only when the health condition starts affecting our daily lives.  

With the age-old life lesson that Prevention is better than cure, why don’t we understand negligence can lead to critical conditions and life-threatening diseases?  

Comprehensive Health Check-Up – Do you need it? 

Actually, who doesn’t need it?  From women to older people and from children to young adults, all benefit from getting their health checkups done regularly.

Comprehensive checkups to pre-determine any possible health-related issues are becoming an important part of healthy life now.  And we should welcome the growing trend of taking control of our own health for a better life and future for ourselves and our loved ones.   

A comprehensive Health checkup is an introspection of an individual’s lifestyle and management of his/her quality of life. Full body health checkup package is well-designed to keep a check on early warning signs of any masked disease or illness.

Comprehensive health checkup plans include health screening for organs of the body like

  • Heart 
  • Kidney 
  • Liver 
  • Eyes 
  • Lungs
  • Bone

Apart from these organs, comprehensive health checkup also includes tests for your 

  • Thyroid Glands 
  • Abdomen & pelvis with the help of Ultra Sound Sonography 
  • Urine test 
  • Chest X-ray 
  • Stool test 
  • Blood test for diabetes & complete blood count 

The secret to keeping excellent health is to test if you are as healthy as you appear externally.  While there are numerous ways of analyzing your health, the best way is by opting for a comprehensive health checkup.  Most health checkup packages are designed to capture early warning signs of any masked disease or illness.  Several deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases, and around 50-75 percent of them are, in fact, preventable.  Getting regular health checkups can help us keep track of our health.   

Benefits of comprehensive health checkup packages?

  • A brilliant tool of preventive medicine 
  • Reduced healthcare costs in the future with timely diagnosis 
  • Make you one step ahead and in charge of your health 
  • Keep track of your health 
  • Diagnose a disease before it advances to a critical stage 
  • Lead a healthier and active lifestyle  
  • Limit the risk of risks     
  • Awareness about own health and the newest trends in the medical world 

Doesn’t a health package make a perfect gift for your near-dear ones with so many benefits? Buy your near-dear ones or gift yourself a comprehensive health checkup package to make sure that you cherish a longer and healthier life with them.  

Fill up the query form to know the tests included in the comprehensive health checkup; our team of experts will immediately address your queries and help you further!


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