Take a Walk: The Best Tip to Fight Diabetes

According to International Journal of Diabetes, in Developing Countries, there has been a startling rise of diabetes in India. India accounted for almost 30 million diabetic patients in the last one decade.

Take a Walk: The Best Tip to Fight Diabetes

Many people are confused about how to control diabetes. Diabetes prevention is essential if one has a personal or a family history of diabetes. Diabetes can be kept in control by simply taking care of your diet, being physically active and getting a diabetes checkup regularly. Exercising is essential for diabetic patients. All exercises are important but amongst them walking is the easiest one.

Walking is a great exercise for boosting our energy levels and for strengthening the heart. In a pre-diabetic or a diabetic patient then walking can be your lifesaver. According to Harvard Nurses’ Health study, women who do walking brisk can reduce the possibility of diabetes by almost 30%. Walking has multifold advantages in diabetes:

  • Walking helps in lowering the blood sugar level.
  • Research says walking is an excellent tool in controlling type 2 diabetes if it is done at least 38 minutes daily.
  • Walking will help in reducing the dosage of insulin.
  • It will also reduce your visits to the doctor for diabetes checkup.

Everyone should achieve a daily target of walking 10,000 steps. Seems difficult? Here are some tricks to do that easily.

Simple Tips to Increase the Number of Steps You Walk Each Day

  • Avoid using elevators instead choose to walk-up the stairs.
  • Take your pets for a walk.
  • Park your cars far away from your workplace, so that you get to walk a few more steps.
  • Walk and talk to your colleague instead of using an intercom or other messaging applications.
  • Walk and talk- Whenever you are on a phone call avoid sitting at one place. Walk while you are talking.
  • Use public transport once a week. Avoid using a vehicle for a smaller distance.
  • Try doing a walking meeting- Having a general meeting in a conference room can be boring sometimes. Try conducting the meeting in an open place by taking few steps at the workplace. A meeting while walking is easily possible with fewer members. A walk in the fresh air energizes physically as well mentally.

Walking can be a blessing to people of all ages. Try with smaller targets and small steps bring big results; so appreciate your small achievements and promise yourself a real positive change.

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