Throat Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

The signs and symptoms of throat cancer can be common and also similar to any other disease, like, cold or infection in throat. However, these signs should not be ignored as they can be the indication of the cancer too.

Throat Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

This article briefs about throat cancer diagnosis methods and various available treatments to cure the disease.

Throat cancer Diagnosis

There are mainly four throat cancer detection processes:

  • Biopsy

    It is a surgical process where a small cancerous tissue is removed and examined For the diagnosis of this cancer, there are three different kinds of biopsy methods that are further used to facilitate throat cancer cure:

    1. Conventional incisional biopsy

      This is the traditional and widely used biopsy method where a part or the whole cancerous tissue is removed.

    2. Fine-needle-aspiration biopsy (FNA)

      This method is mostly used when a lump is found in the neck. The process includes the injection of a thin needle into the suspected part and cells from there are withdrawn and examined under a microscope.

    3. Endoscopy

      A long, thin lighted tube (endoscope) is inserted through the mouth or nose for removing the sample cancerous tissue.

  • Imaging tests

    Images are taken by different processes to locate and examine the cancerous tissue or the tumor.

    1. CT or CAT:

      Computed axial tomography scans

    2. PET:

      Positron emission tomography scans

    3. MRI:

      magnetic resonance imaging scans

    4. X-rays

  • Barium swallow

    It is a set of X-rays of the esophagus and stomach to locate the throat cancer and examine how well the patient can swallow. The method is also known as an upper GI (gastrointestinal) series.

  • Laryngeal videostroboscopy

    It is a method that enables the doctors to check how well the patients can swallow.

throat cancer Treatment

One thing to keep in mind is that throat cancer treatment cost is always on higher side.

  • Surgery

    The throat cancer surgery is the method of removing cancerous parts of the throat surgically. In case of small tumor, the surgeries are often successful; however, if the tumor is large and has spread through the other parts of the body, it may require removal of whole parts jaw or voice box.

  • Radiation therapy

    High dose of radiations are used to remove or kill the cancerous cells thereby accelerating throat cancer recovery.

  • Chemotherapy

    This involves injection of the drugs through mouth or directly targeting the cancerous tissue to remove and kill the throat cancer.

  • Best possible throat cancer prevention is quitting smoking and drinking.

Diagnosing throat cancer as early as possible can prove to be a life savior as it gives the patient different options for treatment along with the much-needed time. Indus Health Plus offers fitness checkup where all the vital organs and their functioning is analysed. This gives you an insight into what needs to be done to stay healthy and fit. If any medical advice or medication is needed the health expert can direct you towards it. Write to us through the below query form to discuss more about the health checkup.

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  • Throat Cancer - Signs & Symptoms

    Throat Cancer - Signs & Symptoms

    Throat cancer is a term which is generally used for the cancerous tumors which develop in the parts of the throat like voice box (larynx), vocal cords, tonsils, oropharynx, etc.. A prominent reason behind throat cancer is a genetic mutation occurring in cells present in the throat. These cells breed on healthy cells and grow uncontrollably until all healthy cells die. These cancerous cells accumulate to form a tumor. One thing we should know is that throat cancer can also affect a part of cartilage i.e. epiglottis which works as a lid for windpipe. Tonsils can also be damaged by cancerous cells.

  • Throat Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

    Throat Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

    Throat cancer begins with genetic mutation of cells. This mutations increase an abnormal growth of cells (cancerous cells) which then begin to replace the normal cells. These cancerous cells can also form a tumor in the throat, mouth or surrounding area.

  • Throat Cancer - Types & Stages

    Throat Cancer - Types & Stages

    The number of throat cancer patients is increasing rapidly, one of the biggest reason behind is the huge population of smokers and drinkers.The throat cancer has different types according to location it forms in and different stages according to the size of it.

  • Throat Cancer - Prevention & Detection

    Throat Cancer - Prevention & Detection

    There is no exact known cause of the cancer; however, there are some risk factors of throat cancer that increase the risk of the cancer. By getting rid of some of these factors, probability of throat cancer can be reduced to some extent. Also, by having proper knowledge of throat cancer early signs and symptoms we can minimize the damage caused by throat cancer.

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