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Throat Cancer Signs & Symptoms

throat cancer signs symptoms

It can be difficult to detect the cancer in its early stage as the throat cancer symptoms are vague and mimic other conditions upper respiratory tract.

The post here covers the details of throat cancer early signs and symptoms.

throat cancer Symptoms

The cancer that starts/forms in vocal cord often causes hoarseness or a change in the voice. This is the foremost symptom of throat cancer. If the hoarseness is longer than two or more weak, people are suggested to see a doctor as this is one of the most dangerous throat cancer and early warning signs should not be ignored.

If the cancer does not start in the vocal cord this sign would not appear in the early stage.

Signs of throat cancer

As mentioned above the early signs of the cancer can be very common and similar to any other throat or mouth disease. However, these signs should not be ignored and investigative test should be done right away. The early signs include:

  • Long-term cough (sometimes with blood)
  • Voice start to change with huskiness
  • Sudden weight loss without any effort
  • Throat start getting sore
  • Pain in ears

Common Symptoms for throat cancer

The symptoms of throat cancer can include:

  • A swelling or lump in the throat: a small knot like bump can be felt inside the throat.
  • A persistent cough: a long- term cough which sometimes contain blood in it.
  • The feeling of something enduringly stuck in the throat
  • Throat pain and ear pain
  • Hard to swallow anything
  • Feel difficult to breath
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Gastrointestinal disorders, such as excessive reflux, diarrhea or constipation.

The throat cancer symptoms in men can be different from throat cancer symptoms in women, hence, routine checkups and doctor's advice is suggested.

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