Throat Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

Throat cancer begins with genetic mutation of cells. This mutations increase an abnormal growth of cells (cancerous cells) which then begin to replace the normal cells. These cancerous cells can also form a tumor in the throat, mouth or surrounding area.

Throat Cancer - Causes & Risk Factors

The causes of these mutations are still not clear (so are throat cancer causes), however, there are some risk factors that increase the chances of getting the cancer.

The post here contains a brief information of causes of throat cancer, risk factors, and throat cancer effects on the body.

Throat Cancer Risk Factors

Throat cancer risk factors are those which increase the chances of getting throat cancer. They may or may not be the real cause of the disease, however, they always indicate the risk.

  • Tobacco and alcohol use

    Use of tobacco is one of the biggest and most dangerous throat cancer reasons. It does not only attack the throat but can also give a head, neck or lung cancer. People who smoke have higher risk of having throat cancer than the non-smokers.

    The people who take more than 1 drink every day also have high risk of getting these cancers. And, who are both, smokers and drinkers, the risk gets multiplied.

  • Poor nutrition

    A diet that lacks fruits and nutrition can decrease the immunity of a person and increases his/her risk of getting throat cancer. This can also be the reason for alcohol consumption being the risk factor, as the heavy drinkers are found to have a vitamin deficiency which leads to throat cancer. Hence, the proper diet with right and sufficient amount of nutrition can help to reduce the risk.

  • Human papilloma virus infection

    Human papilloma virus (HPV) is found to be one of the most important risk factor of the cancer. An infection from this HPV can also turn into a cancer, not only in the throat but also in the other part the body too. Different kind of HPV attacks different parts of the body.

    These HPVs can spread by skin-to-skin contact or by sex including vaginal and anal intercourse and even oral sex.

  • Genetic syndromes

    People who have inherited mutations in the genes, have high risk of getting throat cancer. For example, dyskeratosis congenital, is a kind of genetic syndrome which cause a very high risk of getting the mouth or throat cancer in early age.

  • Gender

    The throat cancer risk is four times higher in men than women. The reason behind it can be the other important risk factors, like, smoking and drinking, are more common in men than women.

  • Age

    These kind of the cancers develop slowly and can take many years to be found. Hence, they are not usually found in the younger people and are more common in the people with age of 65 or more.

There are several reasons behind throat cancer and understanding them is quite important. Medical checkup by Indus Health Plus will examine the overall status of the body and warn you beforehand in case of any anomaly are found so that you can consult the medical expert and start the medication immediately. If you want to know more about this test, then contact us by filling out the form below; our representative will get in touch with you with further information.

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  • Throat Cancer - Signs & Symptoms

    Throat Cancer - Signs & Symptoms

    Throat cancer is a term which is generally used for the cancerous tumors which develop in the parts of the throat like voice box (larynx), vocal cords, tonsils, oropharynx, etc.. A prominent reason behind throat cancer is a genetic mutation occurring in cells present in the throat. These cells breed on healthy cells and grow uncontrollably until all healthy cells die. These cancerous cells accumulate to form a tumor. One thing we should know is that throat cancer can also affect a part of cartilage i.e. epiglottis which works as a lid for windpipe. Tonsils can also be damaged by cancerous cells.

  • Throat Cancer - Types & Stages

    Throat Cancer - Types & Stages

    The number of throat cancer patients is increasing rapidly, one of the biggest reason behind is the huge population of smokers and drinkers.The throat cancer has different types according to location it forms in and different stages according to the size of it.

  • Throat Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

    Throat Cancer - Diagnosis & Treatment

    The signs and symptoms of throat cancer can be common and also similar to any other disease, like, cold or infection in throat. However, these signs should not be ignored as they can be the indication of the cancer too.

  • Throat Cancer - Prevention & Detection

    Throat Cancer - Prevention & Detection

    There is no exact known cause of the cancer; however, there are some risk factors of throat cancer that increase the risk of the cancer. By getting rid of some of these factors, probability of throat cancer can be reduced to some extent. Also, by having proper knowledge of throat cancer early signs and symptoms we can minimize the damage caused by throat cancer.

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