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Regular Fitness Checkup Reduce Medical Cost

People who are health conscious not only pursue fitness regimen but also visit their doctor at least every 6 months. However, on the other hand, there are many people who the need of fitness check-up. It is a general misconception that if you are feeling healthy, you are healthy. However, the sedentary lifestyle has become a major cause of a lot of health problems which often get unnoticed. There are so many silent diseases which show no signs or symptoms until the body accepts the defeat.

Regular Fitness Checkup Reduce Medical Cost

Hypertension comes under the category of lifestyle diseases. As per the reports, hypertension is common condition seen in all the socio-economic sections of the society in UAE. As per WHO statistics, one in three individuals globally has hypertension and it leads to around 9.4 million deaths per year worldwide. Nearly, 40.8% UAE nationals between the age group of 35-70 are affected by hypertension. The statistics show that the diseases which are not detected in time via regular check-ups are the main reason for the untimely deaths. It is essential for young people who are in their early 20s to undergo regular checkups for early detection and thus enjoy healthy life. Especially, young people who have family history in certain health conditions should opt for regular health checkups.

So what is the solution to reduce the incidence of major health issues? You can go for comprehensive health check-up packages at least once a year. This check-up helps in detecting the problem at an early stage and allow the doctor to take the proper course of action to reduce future risks.

Benefits of Fitness Check up

  1. Reduced Healthcare Cost:

    With the advancements in medical technology, one’s life span can be increased to an extent. When a disease is detected at an early stage, the cost of the treatment comes down substantially. Even the chances of getting cured completely in a shorter time increases by several folds.
  2. Prevention is Better than Cure:

    Regular medical fitness tests make it easier for the physician to control the disease or the symptoms at an early stage. When you go for a regular medical test, the doctor will perform a number of different tests which may include some of the following
    • Cholesterol levels
    • Diabetes markers
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection
    • Colorectal Cancer Screening
    • Oral Health for Adults
    • Immunization Schedules
    • Skin Cancer Basic Information
    • Prostate Cancer Screening
    • Viral Hepatitis
    • HIV/AIDS

    These tests help in detecting the diseases at early stages. There have been cases in which the regular check-up has detected a particular disease like cancer at an advanced stage which was silently impacting different organs without showing any major symptom. Such complication scan be prevented and it is a fact that lifestyle diseases can be cured or controlled with proper care in their early stages.

  3. Health Awareness:

    A regular fitness checkup allows you to become more aware of your body. You will start eating healthier and get back to a better exercise regime as you will prefer to stay healthy than spending an enormous amount on medical bills.

We think the above information is more than enough to answer the burning question as to "why a comprehensive fitness check-up package is good for your future?" Feel free to fill up the query form if you want to know more about our health check-up packages.

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