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How Nutrigenomics Plan Effective On Healthy Diet

1st January, 1970

How Nutrigenomics Plan Effective On Healthy Diet

The human genome initiative provides life science with a blueprint including goals of basic research and opportunities to translate this research to improvements in human health. Nutrigenomics is the study of how genes and nutrients interact. Genetic analysis contributes to a growing area of nutritional medicine that offers personalized diet plans based on nutrigenomics to help people make more informed decisions about their lifestyle habits and health. Amol Naikawadi Preventive Healthcare Specialist and Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus Tell us how to manage Genetic tendencies Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your genetics, preferences, and predispositions may well replace one-size-fits-all advice in the future nutrigenomics does give you a more targeted approach to figuring out what steps you can take to feel your best.

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  • How Nutrigenomics Plan Effective On Healthy Diet

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