Monsoon knocking Ready to Tackle with Non-COVID Diseases

27th July, 2020

Monsoon knocking Ready to Tackle with Non-COVID Diseases

Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist expressed her views on changing weather condition in the monsoon season. It may cause respiratory viral infections moreover as already COVID 19 being a respiratory disease can show a surge in this humid weather. Prevention is, therefore, the best cure. She also shared some Non-COVID diseases during monsoon alongside with their preventive measures. It is important to stay safe in this pandemic season. News covers in Times of India, Mental Health Post, Life Sciences India, Health Insurance Bulletin, Health of Asia, Healthcare Mumbai, M Health Updates, Medical Devices World, Pharma Discoveries, Biotech Asia News, Global Pharma Times, Well Being Insider. 

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  • Monsoon knocking Ready to Tackle with Non-COVID Diseases

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