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Hypertension Management With Healthy Diet

Hypertensionor high blood pressure is no longer a senior citizen’s disease. Youngsters’ too are falling prey to it due to their unhealthy lifestyles, junk food habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and sedentary lifestyles.

Hypertension Management With Healthy Diet

Once being diagnosed with hypertension, usually lots of dietary recommendations are slammed upon. Salt restriction being the primary one. But then there is still a lot that one can savor even with elevated levels of blood pressure. Here are a few delicious ways to make your meals interesting,

Switch parathas with pastas

People with high BP should avoid processed foods, as these are usually high in salt content. Instead of good old butter laden paraths, try making pasta. Use the whole wheat variety and stir in lots of fresh seasonal veggies. The tasty treat is full of fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals.

Be in a soup

Green peas are rich in protein and are a great way to maintain a normal blood pressure. A green pea soup is an interesting idea and makes an appetizing recipe; easy and quick to make. So for that 4 pm hunger pang, have a hot bowl of green pea soup.

Can’t do without Indian cuisine?

If it is only Indian cuisine which you enjoy the most, then you go for yuppy paneer masala. It has high amounts of potassium, which is recommended for people with a high blood pressure. This also satiates the taste buds.

Raita with a twist

Vegetarians, who are looking for essential omega 3 fatty acids and calcium sources in their diet, can have this yummy and totally novel raita. A spoonful of lightly roasted and coarsely grounded flaxseed along with some regular spices in the curd will add loads of nutritive value to your raita.

Hypertensives will get benefitted with this as it builds immunity and prevents LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation. With small dietary and lifestyle changes here and there, you sure will be able to keep your hypertension under control. So, enjoy these delights and stay healthy!

It is natural, to get afraid of having a high blood pressure. However, it can be controlled by following some healthy tips. You can also control it by getting a health check-up done with the help of reputed preventive health experts. It is a wise decision to get a full body checkup done which help you to keep an eye on not only your dental problems but also other hidden health problems such as hormonal changes. If you have any question about health check-ups, do fill the query form and we will get back to you.

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