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How to deal with common diseases in winter!

1st January, 1970

How to deal with common diseases in winter!

Along with the joy of the festival, winters also bring outbreaks of cold and fever-related diseases. There is no doubt that respiratory diseases occur during the colder days of the year. Most people spend time indoors or in closed spaces, which can quickly spread the virus. Cold, dry air can weaken your immune system. During winter people try to stay healthy for themselves and their families. But even with all the effort, you can still get sick. So let's talk about the common diseases that occur in winter and how Indus Health Plus Joint Managing Director and Preventive Healthcare Expert Shri can prevent them. Let find out from Amol Nayakwadi. Winters are prone to skin problems like itching, eczema outbreaks, psoriasis, etc. Moisturizing the skin is one of the most common skincare measures in winter. Winter skin ailments include flaky, itchy skin, dehydrated skin, and skin damage from UV (ultraviolet) rays.
Maintaining basic hygiene, and staying warm and hydrated is very important. Stay away from others if you are sick or around someone who is contagious. Most of the time, your immune system will fight off winter infections. But if recovery takes too long or the condition worsens, see a doctor immediately.

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  • How to deal with common diseases in winter!

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