5 Essential Health Test Women Need Once They Turn 30

Read out here 5 essential health tests women need once they turn 30. As These health tests might help you to be aware of any upcoming future diseases and plan your treatment accordingly. 

5 Essential Health Test Women Need Once They Turn 30

Aging from your 20s to your 30s is complicated and tough already for the mind, it also greatly affects and changes your health. The easiest way to maintain a healthy and fit body is to monitor your body's health regularly through preventive health checkups and modifying your lifestyle to mitigate the risks that you might have.

Regular full body preventive health checkups:

Ideally, women above 30 should mandatorily get their full body health screening done at least once in a year. The body changes each day responding to your lifestyle (diet, exercise, habits, stress, medicines, etc.) and this response increases or decreases your risk of various illnesses. That is why health checkups should be done regularly.

Health checkup tests that every women need in their 30s:

  1. Pap Smear: Cervical cancer affects many women and each year more than 70K women face fatalities of this cancer. However, cervical cancer is preventable and many lives can be saved if the cancer is detected and treated in the early stage. Pap Smear is the test that can find out the cancer at an early stage. Remember, cervical cancer doesn't show any symptoms until it progresses to a dangerous stage. Pap Smear Test should be done in every two years of women who are sexually active.
  2. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): Optimal functioning of the thyroid gland is essential for proper functioning of the body. The TSH test is important for ensuring the functioning of your thyroid gland. TSH The results of your TSH test can help you in taking remedial actions. Inadequate thyroid gland functioning can show signs like hair fall, depression and irregular menses.
  3. Complete Blood Count( CBC): Anemia, deficiency of iron and infections are common illnesses. A CBC test is important to find these out. It checks if the body has a healthy proportion of blood corpuscles, WBCs and platelets. It is also used to see the effect of certain medicines and treatment effects.
  4. Bone Mineral Density: Osteoporosis is a common health condition that affects millions of women across the globe. Vitamin D and calcium levels are essential for good health and density of the bones - any deficiency can be replenished with supplements and diet. These tests keep a check on the body's vitamin and calcium levels.
  5. Mammogram: A mammogram is the digital X-ray of the breast tissues and it is recommended for all women who are in their 30s, especially in the case where there is a family history of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be treated easily and cured if it is detected in the early stage, any time later than that it is fatal to life.

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