Comprehensive Health Checkup v/s Lab Tests

We keep our wealth secure in various layers of security, for protecting it from various unsocial elements of the society. Similarly our health also needs various layers of security from elements that cause harm to our health. For this we need a trusted healthcare partner who assures security of our health. This security can be provided by regular complete health checkup followed by laboratories tests but the alarming questions are:

Comprehensive Health Checkup v/s Lab Tests

Are these lab tests authentic and trustworthy?
Can they really provide security to our health?

Laboratory Tests - An Obsolete Way Of Preventive Health Management

Time is moving at a fast pace and along with it are the diseases and ailments. To keep a check on the resistant disease types, simple blood and urine tests cannot provide us conclusive evidence. Moreover these laboratory tests are questionable in terms of their compliance as per the health and hygiene standards? There is also a question whether these lab test centers decipher the terminology used in the medical reports? The answer to all these questions is a Comprehensive Health Checkup

Comprehensive Health Checkup- A Need of the Hour

A comprehensive health checkup not only provides you all the basic test but also provides the contemporary diagnostics tests which fits in the current scenario of our hectic and sedentary lifestyle. These tests provide a detailed analysis and functioning of body’s various vital organs and important health criteria.

The second most important advantage is the counseling session, post the generation of reports. The physician counseling provides you with the aid to understand your body better and advises you on some important health tips to achieve a healthy living and maintaining a good quality of life.

State of Art Diagnostic Centers

The most crucial aspect of any comprehensive health checkup is to have the best state of art technology for the medical health checkup centres to carry the numerous diagnostics tests. These diagnostics centers help in providing all the necessary services under one roof and with various stringent standard operating procedures followed to the tee. This decreases the chances of any errors.

Indus Health Plus - A Preventive Healthcare Specialist

Indus health Plus is committed to provide better than the best comprehensive health checkup facilities across the nation. Our objective is to ensure an easy access to healthcare with state of the art facilities that provide advanced laboratory & diagnostics tests. We believe that access to comprehensive & preventive health care should be unbiased. Hence we have our presence in metros to tier-2 & tier-3 cities to small towns.

We also ensure that the state of the art facility remains uniform across all Indus Health Plus partners. This aim is fulfilled as we have partnered with India’s leading healthcare facilities to deliver comprehensive health checkup packages. Our well trained & humble staff will take care of you from the 1st step as you enter till the time you step out.


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