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Why Full Body Checkup Is Important?


Why Full Body Checkup Is Important?

We have always heard, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ To be honest, this is true for everything in our lives, including our health. 

How to imbibe this age old adage in your healthcare? Very simple - choose Preventive Healthcare! One part of preventive healthcare is full body health checkup.

What is a full body health checkup?

A full body health checkup, or whole body health checkup, or complete body health checkup consists of laboratory, machine and diagnostic screening of your entire body system including organs such as your heart, kidney, liver, etc. to assess the current status of your health. Your report will outline all the apparent warning signs and abnormalities found during the checkup. Life threatening lifestyle health conditions can be detected in a full body health checkup and you can take early actions to prevent these conditions from being fatal. Early detection helps in a better and cost effective treatment, and thus, a complete cure.
Who needs a full body health checkup?

Everyone needs a full body health checkup once a year. The frequency of other tests can be decided according to age, any underlying diseases, and lifestyle patterns. Routine full body checkup is required for a person who has a family history of lifestyle diseases. With the increase in pollution, constant environmental changes and sedentary lifestyles, the start age of non communicable diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and cancer are lowering. Hence, even the younger ones need a regular status check of their health. The test that should be included in your complete body health checkup package depends on your age:

  • Teenagers - age 13 to 19
  • College students and working age group - 20 to 35
  • Middle agers - 36 to 60
  • Senior citizens - 60+

What are the diseases or health conditions that can be prevented with a full body health checkup?

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension
  • Digestive diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Eyesight problems

Full body health checkup tests according to different categories:

Does a healthy person need a full body health checkup?

Yes, even healthy people should go for their yearly full body health checkup. Most of these fatal non communicable health conditions do not show signs and symptoms in their early stages. Mostly, a person comes to know about them at the last stages when treatment becomes difficult, invasive, costly and life threatening. Regular health checkups help in detecting the abnormalities that are forming in the functioning of the body. Catching these health conditions early aids in taking preventive actions like modifying lifestyle, quitting addictions and consulting physicians for a cure and care plan.
People, especially between 35 to 60+ years of age are more prone to non communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, heart problems, etc. In case of a family history of such diseases, you should start your yearly full body health checkup from the age of 25, and also alter your lifestyle for maintaining good health.

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