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Why Cure When You Can Prevent?

According to a report published by WHO, chronic diseases are causing increasing deaths worldwide. Infectious diseases followed by non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are taking toll on health. We all know that ’prevention is better than cure’. So, preventive measures like following a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet, regular exercise and regular health checkups prove to be important.

Why Cure When You Can Prevent?

We live in a world full of microorganisms. The harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. cause infections, allergies and even fatal diseases. A strong immunity is very important to fight these diseases.

So, what are the causes of illness?

  • Most of us are indulged in sitting jobs with least mobility. Lesser physical activity leads to health issues like joint pains, obesity, heart diseases etc.
  • Both personal and professional life is full of stress, which is the main cause of mental illnesses like depression which can be also associated with heart issues, fatigue, tiredness, insomnia etc.
  • Junk/fast food, foods rich in sugar, sodium, and fats is what we indulge in due to the lack of time to prepare fresh food. However, these food items lack essential nutrients.
  • Lack of exercise is also one of the main issues of obesity and diabetes.

Preventive Measures

Small changes in diet and lifestyle can help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here are some preventive tips that will help you shape good health.

  • Regular Exercise:

    No matter what kind of job you do, it is essential to take out some time for exercising. Regular exercise helps in eliminating toxins from the body and burn the extra fat as well. Be it a good walk, jog or gym or regular yoga please take out time for some or the exercise form.
  • Healthy Diet:

    The first thing you need to do is to get rid of bad dietary habits. Sodas, junk food, fast food, fatty food etc. cause a lot of health problems. Prefer to eat healthy home cooked food. Add Yogurt, mushroom, garlic, green tea, spinach, almonds, green vegetables, seasonal fruits etc. in your diet. Healthy Diet will improve your immunity and you will feel healthy and fresh.
  • Regular Health Check-up:

    We often go to the doctor only when we have some or the other health issue. We usually don’t even think about getting annual or monthly health checkups done. We should not deny the benefits of complete health checkup. There are a lot of health issues which remain silent till it is in a late stage. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, kidney problems etc. often do not show any alarming signs on early stages. Hence, a regular health check-up is the best solution for their preventing.

The worst or the most fatal conditions can be prevented by a simply going for a regular health check-up. For a healthy life, it is better to choose preventive measures rather than struggling to get cured in later stages as these un-called illnesses not only bring in a lot of stress but also go heavy on the pocket. Want to know more about healthy lifestyle tips or preventive health checkup?

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